Innovative indoor garden Verdeat allows people to grow 76 plants in their own homes

As people across the world remain hunkered down due to restrictions brought about by the global pandemic, indoor garden system Verdeat has urged people to turn to soil-less, organic plant cultivation system that allow them to grow up to 76 plants.

Verdeat is an app-controlled system which is self-sustainable for one to three weeks. The amount of water, energy and nutrients utilized is callibrated to the needs of the plants, without an unnecessary waste.

“This innovative indoor garden system is made out of 95-percent recycled materials and is designed for zero waste. With the power of nature and technology, this gardening system seeks to help families around the world find a balance in life by growing their own food and adopting a healthy lifestyle,” said Robert Paluch, chief executive officer of Verdeat.

Forced to stay at home due to continuous lockdowns brought about by the COVID-19 crisis, families across the world are struggling with tremendous distress, anxiety, and tiredness of omnipresent screens. 

Developed by entrepreneurs based in the European Union, Verdeat has called on people to invite nature indoors and instill wonder, curiosity, and respect for plants by growing them in a living room or a kitchen. 

When growing edible plants at home, Paluch said people can significantly reduce the amount of food waste, as they use only what’s needed at the moment. 

Additionally, plants grown at home are safe from pesticides or GMO, as owners know what they plant and control the overall process until the bountiful harvest. The plants can enrich the taste of meals and inspire to experiment with new ingredients and plant-based recipes. 

The indoor garden is a self-watering that grows edible plants at home 40-percent faster than in regular cultivation.

“What makes Verdeat unique is that it is an open garden, where one can plant all their favorite and healthiest plants. People don’t have to be dependent on special pods available only in subscription models. We want to let them choose and play with the design of their Verdeat to gain the full home gardening experience,” Paluch said.

The home garden is equipped with sun-like light, covering 95 percent of the natural light spectrum, making it a rich source of relaxing and mood-boosting luminescence.  

The home garden is available in three sizes, depending on the greens consumption. The gardening system is arranged in a tower shape, made up of one, two or four stacked trays that utilize a soil-free system for cultivation.

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