PPtutor landed Times Square Again, Sending Spring Festival Blessings to All Chinese

PPtutor, core brand of Chengdu Xueyu Education & Technology Co., Ltd., once again landed on the Nasdaq screen in Times Square, New York as the pacemaker in online Chinese language education, sending Chinese New Year wishes to all Chinese people around the world.


In recent years, overseas Chinese learning has become increasingly popular, and learning Chinese has become one of the new trends. More than 70 countries have incorporated Chinese into their national education systems, and more than 4,000 universities, 30,000 primary and secondary schools, and 45,000 Chinese-language schools and training institutions around the world have offered Chinese courses, according to Liu Jin, director of the Department of International Cooperation and Exchange of the Ministry of Education, China. The number of people outside China who have learned and used Chinese has reached 200 million.

PPtutor, as the world’s leading Chinese language education brand, is actively advocating the globalization of education and striving to be a pioneer in cross-border education. Currently, PPtutor serves clients in 75 countries around the world, with more than 100,000 students and a team of more than 2,000 teachers. It is worth pointing out that in order to ensure the teaching quality of teachers, PPtutor strictly controls the admission of teachers, with an acceptance rate of only 1%. The teaching team is 100% qualified with Teacher Certificate and Level 2 Certificate of Putonghua (Mandarin). Only renowned teachers with years of Chinese teaching experience, teachers graduated from double first-class universities listed in project 211 and project 985 (China’s national key universities) and elite teachers from foreign universities can be admitted.

In addition, PPtutor specifically developed learning materials tailored to its clients based on domestic professional Chinese teaching resources and built the “flipped classroom learning mode” and “five teachers to one” service system. Namely, each student has at least 1 class teacher, 1 head teacher, 1 course consultant, 1 technical teacher and 1 supervising teacher.

Bob, founder of PPtutor, said in an interview that PPtutor’s work has been focused on two key points: one is to respond quickly to the development of the new era, embrace changes, and serve students with the best quality resources and the most advanced technology; Second, operate meticulously at the product and user level, continuously polish products and improve service quality.

For any company that focuses on making products, the most important is to make products that meet users’ needs and to provide the best service. In March 2020, PPtutor released the “Customer Service Improvement Plan” for the first time at Nasdaq, New York, USA, to comprehensively improve the customer service system and further improve customer satisfaction.

A year later, PPtutor was on Nasdaq again. Except for expressing best wishes to all Chinese people around the world, this is also to provide a blueprint for the future of online Chinese education. Mandarin-learning has always been a nerve-wracking topic for ethnic Chinese parents in that their children do not have the Chinese language environment. And Chinese schools are usually of large class teaching mode, with teachers of different Chinese levels. Also, it costs time to go to those schools, which makes children not willing to learn, thus worrying numbers of parents. PPtutor, however, solved these problems by presenting online teaching, which makes the class time flexible. Our fun-yet-professional teaching mode also increases children’s learning enthusiasm and guarantees the teaching effect.

Bob also introduced PPtutor’s future development plan to the reporter, which is to serve 500,000 ethnic Chinese families by 2023 and become the benchmark in online education.

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