Global company ReputationUP bats to help companies improve their online reputation

Global company ReputationUP bats to help companies improve their online reputation
With maintaining positive reputation front and center of marketers’ top priorities in the COVID-19 era, global company ReputationUP has scaled up its services to help companies improve their online reputation.

Andrea Baggio, chief executive officer of ReputationUP Europe, cited the need for CEOs and marketers to keep their businesses on top of mind and have their best foot forward to reel in potential new business.

Baggio said the company’s reputation is one, if not the most important factor ideal buyers think before spending their money on a firm’s services and products. 

“Brands risk losing 22 percent of their revenue if potential customers find a single negative link on the first page of Google,” Baggio said.

Online reputation management is the act of reacting and monitoring to reviews, ratings, and customer questions across various online platforms. 

ReputationUP removes any negative content from the web and helps protect the online reputation of companies, professionals, VIPs and administrations. It removes any negative links – article, video, photo, comment, review – from surface, deep and dark web. It also ensures that people’s right to be forgotten is respected by removing outdated and defamatory content.

Especially with the global pandemic still raging on, ReputationUP said keeping a positive reputation for a brand to the public is more crucial than ever before to a company’s short- and long-term success.

“In fact, 97 percent of entrepreneurs say that reputation management is the main key to success for their businesses. Positive reputation has become a big deal in the industry, and this is driven by how social media and other digital communication channels have put consumers on the driver’s seat,” said Juan Ricardo Palacio, CEO of ReputationUP Americas. 

With its own offices in Europe, North America and South America, ReputationUP is one of the largest companies in the world specializing in online reputation management.

ReputationUP said it has been working for companies, professionals, public figures and administrations for more than 20 years. 

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