MTV’s Electric Barbarellas Are Back with a Brand-New Bag… Courtesy of Closet Cash

LOS ANGELES, California – Today Closet Cash, Corp. ( announced MTV’s reality stars, The Electric Barbarellas, will be the new face of the consignment platform’s campaign, “Quarantine with Your New Love,” set for release this year on Valentine’s Day. 

Heather Naylor, CEO of Closet Cash said in a statement today, “I am honored to announce that The Electric Barbarellas will be the face of our new campaign for Closet Cash. It was an incredible experience to get to work with such multitalented female entrepreneurs, and I am beyond grateful for the opportunity.”

Closet Cash will be releasing the platforms new campaign entitled “Quarantine with your new love” featuring the MTV reality stars also known as The Electric Barbarellas this month. The site aims to have a more human feel than other e-commerce consignment sites like Poshmark, Tradesy, Fashionphile, and The Real Real. All off which focus on the brand itself by opting in to more product-based photography that rarely includes hiring people other than the occasional hand model.

Naylor explains, “I noticed that the majority of the time, these consignment platforms rarely show people modeling their products and to me that felt cheap because these companies are worth billions, so they can afford to hire people.” These companies are in fact worth Billions as Poshmark released their IPO last month at $42 dollars per share giving it an initial valuation of more than $3 billion. The multibillion-dollar consignment platform that is Poshmark relies mainly on their customers to supply all photography when listing items. The Poshmark app and website appear to have spent very little money, if any, on models and photography.

Naylor adds that, “luxury consignment has been resilient to the economic downturn that has impacted retail since the onset of Covid-19. I felt very lucky not to be as financially impacted and wanted to hire people and create more jobs.” Hiring in the midst of a pandemic did have challenges as Naylor explains, “I had a marketing company I was working with and set out to hire models through them, but I was not hearing back.” Worried she would not meet her release date for the campaign, Naylor began thinking outside the box, she explains “I started of thinking of people I knew and thought maybe using real people instead of models would be more fun and a better representation of Closet Cash. I wanted this campaign to be more edgy and just as the word edgy came to mind, I thought of The Electric Barbarellas”. The cast had not seen each other in years as the last time they all appeared on the MTV series together was in 2013. Naylor continues, “I wasn’t sure if it was even possible, I did not know if everyone was still in Los Angeles or even had the same phone number but I knew I had to try.”

To her surprise Naylor not only got the support of her Barbarella cast members on the front end of things as models but each Barbarella offered to help on the back end of the Production as well. Naylor reveals “it was an all hands-on deck situation. I called up Raven and she was in and wanted to help with PR since she is a publicist and the CEO of Muse Media Publishing. Then Raven mentioned Melyssa had become a seasoned photographer with her own photography studio called, The Sacred Wild Photography and maybe she would want to shoot the campaign, which she did! I did not have Gynger’s new number and took to social media to find her. I discovered not only was she on board but she had her own clothing label by the name of, The She Wolfe Collection and wanted to help style the shoot. Missy gave me Chelsea’s new number and Chelsea was in and began helping with the production and even found our original make-up artist Desiree Foote from the MTV series to do our make-up. It really was the dream team”.

About Closet Cash

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Photography Credit: Melyssa Gonzalez of The Sacred Wild Photography

Public Relations: Raven Duran of Muse Media Publishing 

Head of Production: Chelsea Byrne 

Stylist: Renee Wolf of The She Wolf Collection 

Make-up by: Desiree Foote

Hair by: Jordan Sanders 

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Contact Person: Raven Duran
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City: Los Angeles
State: CA
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