Stylelabdesigns To Launch Spring/Summer Collection In March, Includes Exclusive Design Service

Fort Worth, TX – Stylelabdesigns is pleased to announce the launch of its fashion brand on March 19 with a delightful Pret-a-Porte (ready to wear) spring/summer collection. 

In addition to producing and marketing its ready to wear outfits, Stylelabdesigns has also disclosed that it will be introducing a luxury service that allows clients to consult with in-house stylists and designers to create and design a whole collection specially for them. It is a one-of-a-kind service where designs that are made will not be commercialized or reused. With this service, Stylelabdesigns hopes to show both new and existing clients that they are entirely committed to customer satisfaction.

As a fashion brand with deep roots in Africa, the company makes use of African prints, Ankara and Adire (locally sourced batik from in Nigeria) to make custom to size outfits. It gets better. With sizing proving to be a significant challenge in fashion, Stylelabdesigns found a way to bypass the need to tailor clothes to certain sizes altogether.  Unlike existing designs, all Stylelabdesigns outfits do not come in standard sizes. They come in adjustable sizes, a pleasant twist that challenges the status quo of the fashion industry. All clothes on Stylelabdesigns’ inventory are handmade in Lagos, Nigeria.

Brand owner, Lois Egbom’s vision is to put the African fashion house on the map as haute couture. According to her, ‘‘the main quote of my brand is more than fashion, making a statement. Her brand is all about young black women taking pride in the heritage of African fabric and turning it into a style that conveys who they truly are. Her new special service also gives black women a chance to connect with their inner creativity and create designs that they can boldly call theirs. 

As a business owner with knowledge of how competitive the African fashion market is, Lois does not intend to start small with Stylelabdesigns. The team is working hard on a sophisticated website that allows clients access to more of its luxury services from the comfort of their homes. The company is also working with top graphic designers, videographers and marketers to make sure that its Pret-a-Porte (ready to wear) collection and exciting services will get to all who need them.

As a welcome package to prospective customers, the management at Stylelabdesigns will be offering a huge discount and access to exclusive in-house styles and design features to the first 100 users to join its email list.

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