How GeoJail is revolutionizing how criminal defense firms bring on clients

How GeoJail is revolutionizing how criminal defense firms bring on clients
Marketing for criminal defense firms.

When you hear what we have created, you will think to yourself, “Well, of course, this works! Why haven’t I thought of this before?” We made it so simple to market only to your target clientele and only spend money on people that desperately want and need your services.

So, what is it?

It is called GeoJail. has combined all of the latest technology tools to make sure criminal defense attorneys get their best clients all the time.

Let’s walk through a scenario:

One night, Jeff has a bit too much to drink with his work colleges at happy hour. He hops in his car, and 3 miles into the drive home, a police officer pulls him over, and Jeff gets slapped with a DUI.

The police officer loads up Jeff and takes him down to the police station for booking. Jeff posts bail and is free to go. He grabs his smartphone and heads home.

In the back of his mind, he knows he needs an attorney, and fast. His cousin is an attorney, but he doesn’t want him to know he got a DUI.

He pulls out his phone and searches “Criminal Defense Attorney Near Me,” and he calls the first attorney that pops up.

The attorney helps Jeff, and he never has too much to drink before he drives again.

So how did this attorney get this client?


Here is the step by step outline

1. Someone gets arrested and taken to a police station
2. We place a virtual fence over the location
3. We capture their anonymous mobile ID from their smartphone
4. We run their anonymous profile to ensure they are not an employee or a visitor
5. Then we run targeted ads to them, and make sure your firm pops up first when they search for Criminal Defense Attorneys or any related keyword

Criminal defense attorneys can claim locations that they want to market to, and they only spend money on people who desperately want and need their service.

Like we always say at GeoJail, “If they do not desperately need you, they will not see you!”

Find out what locations are available in your area! Only one attorney per site. Act QUICK!

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