Signs an Industrial Hose Needs to Be Repaired

Signs an Industrial Hose Needs to Be Repaired

Industrial hoses. What would anybody do without them? The trouble with many people is that they don’t consider industrial hoses as part of their regular maintenance routine. It naturally follows that without much guidance on how often these should be replaced they aren’t often enough. As a result, without a specific time period or mileage level on how often these hoses should be replaced, it’s often up to the imagination of the owner as when to do this. Further, it’s a good idea to understand how these hoses and related products work to get an idea of how long it takes for them to wear out. 

Hoses. Hoses. Hoses.

If all of this isn’t confusing enough, owners also need to remember that engines often use different types of hoses, and several different types for different functions. It’s for this reason and more that careful attention should be paid to what hoses are used for what purposes, and when they were replaced. Fortunately, there are many different types of maintenance software programs that assist managers in keeping track of when hoses and other parts need to be replaced, but this is critical. 

It is also worth noting that different hoses are often used on different engine parts. This means that despite a hose being the same, it might be used on different engine parts, which means that the lifespan varies. 

Hoses and How the Engine Works

Another reason so many hoses go bad prior to their intended lifespan is because most owners are not aware of the different operating temperatures of those engines and the corresponding temperature limits of the hoses. Given that hoses are the same, it should naturally follow that when engine temperature differs, the life of the hoses will differ. Unfortunately, owners are either unaware of this or they pay it little mind in the course of their work. 

Wearing Out

Hoses wear out for many different reasons, besides what most owners give them credit for, wear. This is only one cause. There is also vibration and movement. Hoses must endure vibration, movement, and other factors without wearing out within prescribed application. In many cases this is countered by manufacturing in layers, but companies such as California Industrial Rubber Co., ( distributes hoses and hose assemblies that meet the application needs and requirements. 

California Industrial Rubber Co stocks their hoses with a wide variety of polymers, compounds, and fibers to ensure quality and long life. Made in this way, hoses can last much longer than most others, under even the most difficult use. It must be realized however, that even the best made hoses wear out, this is for a variety of reasons already discussed, but others also include electrochemical degradation, which can result when metals from the engine interact with the rubber in the hoses. This is particularly true when any liquid is used in the hoses, and as they get dirtier, they get more and more contaminated. When these build ups happen, an electrical current begins to weaken the hose.

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