Video Editing Made Particularly Effortless With Cinema8

Cinema8 is a cloud-based video editing platform that helps create high-quality interactive videos. They help people create captivating stories and allow them to share those videos with their audiences.

London, United Kingdom – Cinema8 is an experiential video interaction design platform that inspires video enthusiasts to create gamified, engaging, interactive, and immersive video experiences on linear & 360 interactive videos.

Cinema8 makes it possible to create interactive videos without coding or video editing proficiency. With a drag and drop tool, the interactive video creation is quite simple and makes the process very insightful.

Interactive videos are the top form of product marketing in any profession, be it sales & marketing area, arts, customer support, learning, or HR & marketing. A tool like Cinema8 can make anyone’s life easier by creating interactive videos to engage with audiences. Cinema8 allows its users to add questions, feedbacks, buttons, overlays, custom forms, clickable areas, etc.

Cinema8 has a gamification feature that lets users shop in-video, look at prices and compare items. Cinema8’s in-video question tool enables its customers to create video exams, quizzes, surveys, etc. Their in-video shopping facilities allow viewers to browse and shop items within the video.

Cinema8 has a detailed and comprehensive website that provides its customers with articles on how to create interactive videos, it also provides detailed guides on how to avail every service that Cinema8 has to offer.

One of the people who used Cinema8 said that “It is quite easy to produce an interactive video with drag-and-drop tools with this web-based online editor which is not required any installation. I can say that it’s enough to know basic MS Office programs.”

When it comes to video content, any successful marketing strategy gets the attention of people and increases audience engagement. Engagement is essential in an era where the video content competes not just with another brand’s content, but with content that comes from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Cinema8 makes it possible to present a brand to customers with personalized content, by creating artful video stories, preparing gamified help videos for customers, receiving thorough insights from learning videos and, using interactive video survey reports to acquire personnel information.

Cinema 8 in partnership with countless universities and is a part of the syllabus as an interactive film making course.

Cinema8 offers a complete package; It includes storing videos, synchronization with platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and any other streaming platform. It is possible to publish videos on a corporate channel with the Enterprise-Tube feature. Cinema8 offers a complete package of data on the analytics section. Users can view heatmaps of their videos and get a complete usage report. Other than all these outstanding features that distinguish Cinema8 from all other video authoring websites, Cinema8 also offers many other features that are comprehensively discussed on their website.

The website for Cinema8 can be accessed in multiple languages to provide a user-friendly experience.

Their Philosophy is to put their customers first-they say that their customers’ feedback is the most valuable thing to them. With that in mind, they have designed a platform that is easily accessible for younger audiences and enthusiasts as much as adults or videography professionals. They aim to work closely with their clients and strive to create engaging experiences for all customers.

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