Doctor Michael MacDonald Provides Detailed Treatment Costing Guides for Cardio Treatment in Singapore

While many Singaporeans and permanent residents are eligible for publicly subsidized health care that will cover the costs of a cardiologist, expats and foreigners need to have privately held insurance. The publicly funded costs of a cardiologist can be significantly lower than private.  The reason for this is that the government picks up a lot of the expense.  The waiting list for public care is, however, longer.

Although private insurance entails higher costs, there are advantages to it, particularly in Singapore. Unlike other countries, if you have private insurance you can often “walk in” and see a reputable cardiologist the same day.  Singapore is unique in this walk-in approach as most other countries, even when offered private insurance require lengthy waiting times in order to be seen by a cardiologist.  Not only that, but some cardiologists in Singapore can provide same day results and even sometimes treatment, if the condition is not severe or advanced.

In public hospitals, the same cardiologists deliver both subsidized and private care, so the standard of care is basically the same.  The chief difference is the waiting time and costs associated with the care.

Doctor Michael MacDonald is a cardiologist that offers advice on insurance costs and types of cardiac care available in Singapore. He moved to Singapore with his family in 2015 and practices at several large cardiac and vascular specialty centres in Singapore.  His advice is meant to assist others not just on costs of care but the types of cardiac problems and symptoms to look for when experiencing possible cardiac problems.  He does have a website with a blog devoted to sharing his knowledge on costs of cardiac care in Singapore and signs and symptoms of cardiac problems. 

If you have insurance, it is best to use it to be seen and treated immediately.  The detailed cardio problems and information Doctor MacDonald provides along with methods of determining costs of diagnoses and treatments are well received in Singapore. 

Doctor MacDonald also takes the time to list symptoms of cardiac problems for public education of these problems and makes a definitive distinction between the roles of a cardiologist and a cardiac surgeon, which many individuals may not completely understand.  A visit to a cardiac surgeon usually follows a visit to a cardiologist if a severe problem becomes apparent.  Patients in Singapore need to know the differences in costs of insurance, as well as the differences in types of problems and the types of specialties in cardiology available to them.

About Doctor Michael MacDonald

Doctor Michael MacDonald moved to Singapore in 2015 with his family and practices cardiology at the Harley Street Heart & Vascular Centre.  He is driven to provide Singaporeans and foreigners with the knowledge of public and private insurance as well as the differences in types of cardiac problems and cardiac specialties. He provides a blog and a video on a website to address insurance questions for Singaporeans and expats.

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