Norman Simmons of The Simmons Group on Moving Forward and Embracing Change

Norman Simmons of The Simmons Group on Moving Forward and Embracing Change

One of the hallmarks of successful businesses is the ability to keep up with the times. True enough, individuals and institutions that are quick to adapt to technological advancements and bounce back from adversities are most likely to sustain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. In the case of Norman Simmons, the esteemed founder of The Simmons Group, it was his determination to come up with innovative solutions that catapulted him to the summit of a thriving career. 

On a mission to dominate the business landscape, Norman Simmons intends to make the world a better place through his revolutionary efforts. Since taking the reins of The Simmons Group, this visionary leader has been garnering accolades for his diligent efforts in enabling success not only for himself but also for aspiring entrepreneurs and budding ventures. Using his brilliant ideas and creative genius, he continually strives to take significant steps toward the forefront of the industry. 

Norman Simmons is an investment and financial professional with a background in entrepreneurship and vested interests. As the founder of The Simmons Group, VC, Mr. Simmons centralizes investments into millennial-generational corporations that are tech-driven. Mr. Simmons esteems these companies as the “new normal” in the future of business. In the wake of the worldwide pandemic, these companies have become extremely successful through forward-thinking innovation.

Before focusing his attention entirely upon The Simmons Group, VC, Mr. Simmons acquired his place as an innovator in the technology space. To become an immediate contender in the technology sector, he launched the first cloud database backup serviceContact Protection Service, Inc., which is now DBA as Cloud in the Space. Shortly after that, Mr. Simmons pivoted his business model to focus on residential and commercial real estate. He spearheaded an underwriting and mortgage company and managed investments in over fifteen night-clubs and restaurants during that time.

In 2015, Mr. Simmons pivoted his business dealings again. This time, he completely revamped his 2007 brainchild corporationGameTime Hydration, Inc., which is a beverage and apparel company. With more forethought behind the company’s second launch, Mr. Simmons secured private placement with the SEC to take advantage of the $50 million Regulation A capital raise available, and the company took off.

Mr. Simmons is a deep believer in philanthropy, giving back to the community, providing secure employment to rejuvenate the job market, and stimulating the economy. These assets, he feels, are the real engine behind a corporation’s success.

With nearly 35 companies under The Simmons Group, VC’s belt, this mantra certainly rings true. The companies produce residual and passive income in various business sectors, providing full and part-time-employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities. Some of these corporations include the following:

DropLoads is a first-of-its-kind mobile application, which provides same-day shipping and receiving for retailers and consumers, often referred to as the Grub Hub of shipping.

GameTime Hydration, Inc. is a sports drink and apparel company with various vendors, non-profits, sports, and printing partners. The company dedicates its focus on sports and education.

MotorPool is a game-changing mobile app that brings instant auto assistance to drivers and provides mechanics with the ability to control their income independently.

SafeAudio is one of the most recent innovations and has received a proprietary COVID-19 patent as the first-ever Bluetooth-equipped face mask. With SafeAudio, a person can listen to music and make and receive calls without removing their face covering.

Mr. Simmons has a keen knack for recognizing the value a company will bring to its market years in advance. The secret to the innovation behind The Simmons Group, VC, lies in the recipe Mr. Simmons formulates to inject cutting-edge products and services into vertical industries.

As one of the foremost advocates of forward-thinking,  Norman Simmons explains that The Simmons Group continues to create a narrative for blue-collar citizens so that they can be more independent in the job market. “We aid existing business models in an effort to make them greater or stronger by way of investments or ‘business 101’ provisions,” the founder said. Through the creation and development of new commodities, his company allows a particular industry to progress.

The Simmons Group, VC focuses on enabling success for revolutionary industries through the latest technologies and innovation. In 2020, the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic caused the surgical mask industry to become essential to the United States. Taking heed of this economic development, The Simmons Group pushed the said industry vertically by introducing Safe Audio—a technology that designed the first Bluetooth-advanced face mask while obtaining a COVID-19 patent for social safety masks. Indeed, Norman Simmons is an expert in recognizing other companies’ value and maximizing their potential.  

With everything he has accomplished in his career and The Simmons Group, Norman Simmons has shown that success favors those who are always on the lookout for growth and improvement. He wants to send across the powerful message that the world is filled with endless possibilities and fruitful opportunities. One only needs to take a step forward. 

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