Brianna Geoghegan Set To Disrupt The Music Scene With ziphaus

Media and entertainment professional, Brianna Geoghegan, launches ziphaus, a platform that brings the creative process of making music closer to fans

The team at Ziphaus, led by the passionate Brianna Geoghegan, is offering something unique to music fans across the globe, with the company’s captivating interviews helping listeners to have a feel of what goes into making hits. The initiative aims to bridge the seemingly unnoticed gap between artists and their fans, helping to appreciate the creativity behind the scenes of making music.

As a creative, it’s easy to get placed into a box of a specific medium or style. While in my career I began to desire the experience of being on camera and asking the real questions, the questions people wanted to know. “How did you make it?” a narrative that wasn’t pure gossip. Like many my interest was in the hands of someone else’s willingness to offer a chance. That chance did not come. I didn’t give up, instead, I created my own platform, and created my own opportunities, and I’m more than happy to be able to offer a space for those to lead their own paths as well,” said Brianna Geoghegan, founder of ziphaus.

The multi-billion-dollar music industry has continued to evolve over the years, as artists, record labels, and other relevant stakeholders in the business contribute to the growth of the market. The creativity and ingenuity of these players have kept the world informed and entertained. However, tons of talented acts still struggle to reach their target audience, especially when it comes to engaging them with important aspects of their music. Consequently, Brianna Geoghegan is charting what seems to be a new course by helping aspiring acts to put their dreams in motion while connecting with their audience through ziphaus.

We pride ourselves in reaching stellar artists across the globe, bridging the cultural gap one hook at a time.” – Brianna Geoghegan.

Ziphaus is for the musically inclined, aspiring artists, fans, and the powerhead behind the major artists, offering a platform that brings the different stakeholders in the music business together. The goal is to provide an opportunity to truly digest the how, and the true creative process of making music, with a no-holds-barred approach to revealing otherwise hidden details of the process.

For more information about ziphaus and to watch captivating interviews with major names in the industry, please visit – ziphaus can also be found across digital and social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify.

About Ziphaus

Brianna Geoghegan, a passionate multitalented individual from the south suburbs of Chicago, founded Ziphaus. She gained professional training at JD Hillberry Illustration workshop and earned a degree in Motion Design at Ringling College of Art and Design, working for major media and television brands throughout her career. Inspired by Chase Davis, Brianna became fascinated by music and decided to launch ziphaus as a platform to connect listeners with professionals in the business of making music.

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