Brite Labs provides indoor gardeners the LED lighting solutions they need to grow plants indoors

Many house plant enthusiasts and indoor gardeners find challenges with keeping foliage indoors healthy due to lack of sunlight. Brite Labs, an indoor gardening company that produces full spectrum LED lighting products, offers LED lights that use color spectrum technology that is customizable to individual plant needs. Brite Labs LED lights allows indoor gardeners to utilize a range of custom settings. Each setting is designed with plant health and growth in mind. These designs feature timer settings, adjustable heights, and changing color spectrums in order to keep a range of plants healthy indoors. 

The customizable settings allow a variety of plants and seedlings to be grown indoors. These range from succulents, house plants, vegetable plants, flowers, cactus and more. LED full spectrum lights provide plants the support they need to germinate faster, have stronger seedlings, accelerated growth, longer lifespans, and more vibrant colors.

Brite Labs founder states their mission is “to provide the plant community with everything they need to successfully create the stress free indoor garden of their dreams.” 

Many homes do not offer adequate lighting for plants through windows alone. Dimly lit rooms are not compatible with healthy foliage and seedlings, a problem that Brite Labs products were designed to eliminate. Indoor gardeners and house plant owners will benefit from the wide range of size and height LED lighting options Brite Labs offers, each acting as a replacement for the natural sunlight. Their lights come in a range of forms. These include hanging, standing and detachable models that can be placed above, beside, or on indoor gardening stations. 

Winter months also place limitations on growing periods, something that Brite Labs works to combat by allowing gardeners to start seeds and keep producing plants indoors with the help of full spectrum LED grow lights. Indoor gardeners have known the benefits of raising plants indoors for years, but recent leaps in technology have made way for the energy efficient and effective LED technology that Brite Labs utilizes in all of their products. The company remains environmentally conscious, focusing on producing energy efficient products that use 75% less energy than iridescent lights other companies carry.

LED lights are powered by new technologies that make growing plants indoors possible. The lights are designed to be energy efficient, safe, and durable. Brite Labs has spent years researching and testing the best LEDs to create the products they now carry. 

The wide range of products Brite Labs carries are priced between $32 and $79, with all their models allowing plant enthusiasts to maintain a lush indoor garden without the worry of weather and natural sunlight. Each light has a lasting lifespan of 50,000 hours, or 12 years in total when used for 12 hours per day. This extended lifespan was designed to produce long lasting indoor light that is reliable and stress free for indoor gardeners. 

About Brite Labs

Brite Labs was founded by indoors gardeners looking for a lighting solution during the cold dark winter months. It seeks to help support indoor plant and gardening enthusiasts searching for an option to remedy dimly lit houses and cold growing seasons. They offer product information and indoor gardening knowledge on their website and social media outlets.

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