Vaycaychella App Lets Investors Purchase Real Estate, It’s That Simple- And No Credit Score Required

Popular apps like Robinhood and Acorn have revolutionized the investment landscape. Through a simple touch on a smartphone, investors can purchase shares of the world’s largest (and smallest) companies and can do so in small increments. That capability has changed the investment landscape. 

Now, a company named Vaycaychella is bringing a similar opportunity to investors looking to build a real estate portfolio. Like the trading apps, and through only a few simple selections on a smart device, investors can be instantly connected to potential real estate deals that provide quick access to either ownership or short-term investment opportunities. The great news is that virtually no one is excluded from participating.

Even better, the opportunities provide for fractional ownership into multiple properties, allowing investors to build a vast property portfolio across a global market. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.

Vaycaychella Is A Game-Changer

Vaycaychella is setting out with an ambitious plan. Later this month, World Series of Golf, Inc. (OTC Pink: WSGF), Vaycaychella’s parent company, will be launching the beta test of this game-changing app. If all goes according to plan, the app will be introduced into the global markets later this year. Not only is the app being referred to as a potentially revolutionary tool in the real estate investor space, but it is also expected to deliver a windfall of revenues to WSGF. The company believes the app can provide upwards of $100 million in revenues within its first twelve months of its untethered launch. 

Though the revenue target may seem lofty, considering that Robinhood became a billion-dollar trading app within five years of its full-scale launch, $100 million is certainly within reason. In fact, by being the first app of its type targeting a virtually limitless investment pool, that target may end up being conservative. 

The app’s demo was published earlier this month that showed how easy it is to navigate the app. A user signs up, completes a few questions, and then lets the app do its work. And since Vaycaychella makes money when deals get completed, it’s designed to quickly connect buyers, owners, and investors together to make deals happen. The best part of the app is that it eliminates most of the logistical hurdles that currently limit how fast and who can qualify for investment. It reduces a process that can typically take months to complete into one that can takes days. It’s that transformative. 

Consider this. Unlike conventional processes that require lengthy reviews and processing, Vaycaychella has designed a safe, verifiable platform that allows for investment into vacation property ownership without credit checks, income to debt ratios, and credit scores. Moreover, unlike apps like Airbnb (NASDAQ: ABNB) that connects renters with landlords, Vaycaychella connects buyers and investors together to facilitate property acquisition and investment no matter the wallet size of an investor. 

Most important to its success, Vaycaychella is a first-to-market app to target this massive industry. Moreover, by being the leader instead of following the leader, Vaycaychella can receive the lion’s shares of attention and coverage from the media. And deservedly so. 

After all, it could be the only app available for some time that makes it possible for small investors to build a massive property portfolio even by making small investments. And even skeptics will learn that Vaycaychella can facilitate real estate investment as efficiently as Robinhood allows for stock purchases and trade.

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Changing A Market Dynamic

The Vaycaychella concept is genius. Not only does it address enormous investment opportunities in the vacation property investments and ownership markets, but it also opens the door to portfolio diversification by giving actual ownership to properties instead of third-party representation through REITs. Therefore, investors can control their own destinies, eliminate investment fees (even on losing trades), and purchase and invest in real properties worldwide. And this isn’t a timeshare model. 

Vaycaychella facilitates actual property ownership, provides real connections, and can be bought and sold without restrictions based on the contract. In other words, investments can be structured in days, weeks, months, or in perpetuity. The model addresses every inconvenience known to the traditional real estate investment market. 

Best of all, because it eliminates the restrictive hurdles, Vaycaychella can become the go-to app for investors wanting to build either a small passive income or a sizable income-producing portfolio. And it is the only known app that can facilitate fractional, multiple property ownership across different parts of the world. Until Vaycaychella, that opportunity didn’t exist, at least for smaller investors. And the process is simple. 

The demo presentation last week showed how easy and user friendly the app is to use. It also demonstrated how buyers and owners get connected and the strategies that can help facilitate short term interest investments or long term ownership. The demo also highlighted features that provide quick access and connection to high demand property locations and tools that analyze ROI by calculating interest, maintenance, and projected rental incomes. The app, therefore, not only connects investors and owners, but its analytical tools provide the information that both sides of the deal need to design appropriate terms for specific markets.

Another positive for the app is that it intends to create a cryptocurrency component to facilitate and support its users. 

Cryptocurrency And Vaycaychella

Indeed, a 21st-century app needs a cryptocurrency component. Vaycaychella is checking that box with plans to create a cryptocurrency component to its apps infrastructure. The digital currency will be designed to back the value of the properties in user’s portfolios, much how gold used to do for the dollar. But, while the dollar has long since abandoned the need for a backstop, which may lead to a day of reckoning, an unleveraged and dedicated cryptocurrency for Vaycaychella could be a way to see additional appreciation in values.

Don’t consider the crypto as a typical digital asset. Unlike traditional coins with no fiat to support their valuation, Vaycaychella’s will be backed by tangible property values and deeded inventory. 

Thus, combining everything that Vaycaychella brings to the enormous market, at roughly two-cents a share, the time could be excellent to join the Vaycaychella revolution through its parent company WSGF. Consider the investment as a play on an entirely new market, where being early can return huge rewards. Keep in mind, too, Vaycaychella will make real estate investing a seamless, quick, and efficient transaction. Thus, for those not interested in trading stock, the app itself is the perfect vehicle to build an income-producing real estate portfolio.

In either scenario, investors can benefit from Vaycaychella. It opens the doors to millions of small investors that would have never dreamed of having an opportunity to own shares of property in tropical locations. And to those that think the app is a long shot, consider that not long ago, people never thought that banking, investing, buying, and selling anything in a matter of seconds would have been possible over a phone. Investors who purchased the tools of the trade to make that happen did pretty well. And it can happen again with Vaycaychella.

Small companies, like WSGF, don’t always get the attention they deserve. But, when products hit, and users embrace the content, the story goes viral in a matter of minutes. That could be the case for Vaycaychella. And it could be a windfall for investors.

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