Raising Future Leaders: Educator Rennu Dhillon Equips Kids With Skills Today For The Strength Needed In Tomorrow’s World

Raising Future Leaders: Educator Rennu Dhillon Equips Kids With Skills Today For The Strength Needed In Tomorrow’s World

“I may be little but I am ready to learn. Teach me to sail my ship not just through the gentle waves but also the big storms so I may learn to survive.” ~ Rennu Dhillon

Rennu Dhillon, D.Sc., founder of Genius Kids Development Inc., is on a mission to educate families on the importance of developing confidence and leadership skills in their children. Realizing the critical need to raise resilient kids to survive in this competitive and often uncertain world, she believes that by equipping our children with skills today, we will give them the strength they need for tomorrow.

Rennu Dhillon’s recently launched book “Raising Confident Children: Today’s Kids, Tomorrow’s Leaders” has achieved #1 International Bestseller status in the U.S., Canada, France, India, and a bestseller in 26 categories. This book is a mindful guide for parents to become “coaches” who will help their child develop the thirteen “C” ingredients for success: comprehension, conflict resolution, coping, contribution, clarity, charisma, creativity, courage, connections, compassion, consciousness, communication and confidence.

“I believe in you!” Rennu tells parents. “I know you can step powerfully into your role as a parent coach and develop these important ingredients in your child. You are empowering your child to build resilience, confidence, and an amazing skill set that will serve them throughout their lives.” Parents learn proven, easy-to-follow, comprehensive, and fun activities to teach these abilities at a young age so they become natural skills the child can continually develop and draw upon.

Known to many as Miss Rennu, she has developed over 4,000 educational learning programs for children ages 0-15 through her award-winning franchise Genius Kids and other platforms worldwide. From “Raising Confident Children” Rennu Dhillon shares five goals of a parent coach.

Goal #1: Stop controlling, start coaching! See your child as a complete, independent human being, and you are their guide through this journey called life.

Goal #2: Be more concerned with the child’s experience than the end result. You want your child to become equipped with positive life experiences and the foundation for a future that is in their hands.

Goal #3: Allow your child the freedom to take risks. You understand that mistakes and failures are components of learning and that over-protecting or coddling them limits their ability to learn for themselves.

Goal #4: Lead by your example, walk the walk, and practice conscious reflection, compassion, and empathy.

Goal #5: Be confident, knowing all you can do is your best.  Perfect isn’t necessary; keep an open mind and remain the active listener and best friend for your child.

With over 20 years’ experience in Early Education and 40 years in professional public speaking, Miss Rennu spreads her message of the importance of developing confidence via media worldwide as host of weekly radio shows, motivational speaker, classes and seminar trainer, and thought leadership through articles and video blogs.

A final thought from Rennu Dhillon for parents and our future leaders: “Never doubt yourself. Whatever you do in life, or choose to do, develop your voice. Invest time and money in building your confidence and self-esteem. Learn to communicate fearlessly, and you will spread your wings and fly.”

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