Exclusive Interview With Donnie Lees Music Services

By D.L Farrow Media 

Hey, I’m Glad To Have The Opportunity to speak with you! Can you tell us how you got started in the music business. Also where you are today in the music industry? 

I Would Be Glad Too! Hey, everyone it’s Donnie Lee Farrow CEO/Founder of Donnie Lees Music Services. I got started in the music business when I was young, around 2009 and now I’m in my 20’s. In 2009 even though I was young, I was already thinking about my future. I wanted to so something that impacted people’s lives but also something I enjoyed doing.

So I said to myself why don’t I try planning for a career in music. So thats what I decided to do, I spent countless days and nights researching how to get in the business. I saw that record labels were doing well and the business side of it seemed interesting.So I did research on how to start a label and found out I could do one online really easy, so thats what I did. Throughout the years I built connections in the music industry, I had my first child and the first label I had wasn’t professional as I wanted it to be. That’s when I decided to keep the same services I had on my record label and re-brand into artist and brand development, so thats how Donnie Lees Music Services Came About. 

Thank You For The Wonderful Story About How You And Your Brand Developed! Can You Give Us More Details In What You Specialize In? Why people should choose you vs other companies? 

Donnie Lees Music Services a well established brand, has been around since 2009. We Have worked really hard behind the scenes to grow our brand and also to provide everyone that works with us better opportunities in the music industry. Apart from just my music brand, I’ve also released a magazine of my own called “The Starz United Magazine” where I had the opportunity to work with major artists and big independent brands/businesses. When you work with us we always make sure to provide you with everything you need to succeed as an artist or even music brand! Not only that we provide all our services at the best price rates we can. Every-time we work with someone we tailor our services to their needs and budget. 

Thank You So Much For Your Time! Where Can We Checkout Your Material And Also Where do we find you on social media?

You Can Find My Magazine on blurb’s website and Can Find All My Social media pages and Services On My Website:


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