Rehab Clinic Opens Up Outpatient Services to a New Generation of Addictions

A clinic has launched special outpatient addiction rehab programs for people who have addictions to shopping, the internet, pornography, social media and video games.

Addiction Rehab Toronto is traditionally known for its support of people with addictions to alcohol, narcotics, marijuana, prescription drugs and gambling.

But Addiction Rehab Toronto’s team of therapists now run special sessions for clients who have not taken part in the clinic’s intensive inpatient programs and who are suffering from this generation’s new style of addictions.

A spokesman for Addiction Rehab Toronto said: “These addictions might be new world problems, but it doesn’t mean that they are no less traumatic and life destroying than some of the more traditional addictions.

“We usually run one on one sessions for patients with their primary counsellors or psychotherapists to help them adjust to sober life in an external environment after taking part in one of our inpatient programs.

“It is at this stage of the recovery process that things can become much more challenging. These sessions are crucial as it allows patients to develop strategies to manage the challenges that haven’t disappeared during their stint in our rehab clinic and they aren’t going away. If we don’t equip patients with the tools they need to help them get on with their day to day lives, then they will relapse. This is why our outpatient clinics are so powerful and so important.

“But we realized that these outpatient sessions could also be useful for others with different problems who want to overcome their addictions, but alongside their daily lives and built into their day-to-day schedules.

“This is when we opened up our outpatient programs to some very modern day addictions that are ruining people’s lives on a daily basis, like shopping, internet, social media, gaming and pornography addictions,”

Outpatient programs regular meetings and the popular and highly successful 12 step programs. They may also include short stay in the clinic – perhaps for half a day rather than one hour therapy sessions.

These outpatient programs are perfect for many people, but they can’t be prescribed for everyone. Addiction Rehab Toronto will assess the severity of the addiction, the patient’s response to previous outpatient therapy, detoxification requirements as this can only be done in an inpatient environment and also whether the distance a patient has to travel is conducive to regular trips to the clinic for short sessions. The hassle, cost or inconvenience of long travel distances can cause patients to relapse because they just don’t want to the hassle of the commute, so it is an important factor.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is an inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facility for people who are suffering from alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions. The clinic also offers support for people with addiction to pornography, shopping, the internet, social media and gaming.

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