Canadian Flooring Manufacturer Provides a Choice of Surfaces and Styles to Fit all Tastes and Spaces

Three Trees Flooring is an all-in-one solution for top quality and durable flooring designs.

With its roots drawn from European inspiration, Three Trees Flooring provides an exquisite range of top quality hardwood floors. With styles, designs and patterns to suit all tastes and rooms, the Toronto-based flooring specialists have something for everyone.

With years of experience in quality engineered hardwood floors, Three Trees Flooring is ideally suited to provide the best advice and service for all customers’ flooring needs. The Canadian flooring specialists take pride in offering a local touch to their highest quality European style collections.

With a range of styles and collections, Three Trees Flooring has a wide range of choices. For harder-wearing requirements such as family homes or office premises, the unique OsmoHardwax Oil is applied. This is applied to provide a protective layer on the surface of the wood and permeates through it to protect customers’ floors in a completely natural way.

Floors treated in such a way have complete resistance to daily spills such as alcohol, grime, soft drinks, water and the like. From a maintenance point of view, the application of OsmoHardwax Oil makes sanding redundant and means that the wood floor does not need to be refinished again and again.

Three Trees Flooring is also proud of its eco-friendly credentials. With an eco promise from the moment the raw materials are sourced for the floors through to the finishing touches, the environment is top of mind at every step of the way. Three Trees’ floors are manufactured using European white oak wood, and the only source from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified providers.

For durability, style and eco-friendly credentials, customers in Canada and North America need to look no further for their flooring requirements than Three Trees Flooring. Available in three quality collections of design and featuring a variety of sizing and colour options, every Three Trees Flooring product comes with the guarantee of quality that you would expect.

Each floor is handmade by an expert craftsman. The classic styles of design are also carefully balanced to combine durability with style, making for that perfect environment in family homes or busy offices. But while durability is sometimes seen as a substitute for style, Three Trees Flooring has carefully developed its designs to provide the best of both worlds for customers.

This is achieved by the flooring experts’ 3 ply construction of the products. With planks cut into three different shapes and styles, there is inbuilt flexibility to suit and fit all kinds of spaces and corners. The 3 ply design is also ideally suited to temperature fluctuations within buildings and rooms. This makes it ideal for withstanding the differing conditions of Canadian and North American winters and summers. The quality and durability of the floor are therefore not reduced by temperature changes.

About Three Trees Flooring

Three Trees Flooring is a Canadian manufacturer of quality, durable and eco-friendly hardwood flooring. With expert construction of imported European timber, the Toronto hardwood floor specialists serve customers all over North America and Canada with the finest hardwood flooring designs. With colours and designs across three stunning collections, there is something for all tastes and styles to choose from.

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