Dooeys Slipshoes™ Offer Comfortable, Lightweight, and Stylish Shoes for Women Who Work from Home

This brand produces ethically made and sustainable shoes that make women look and feel good at home while doing something good for the planet.

The pandemic has blurred the lines between home and work. Whether it be leading virtual meetings or tackling home improvements, striking the right balance with work from home attire has proved to be a challenge. Jordan Clark, a Seattleite living and working abroad, understands the want for products that look and feel good. To help women complete their overall look while they’re working from home, she launched Dooeys Slipshoes™ in 2020, providing women with comfortable, cozy, and stylish slip-on shoes for modern life at home.

Tired of having to choose between wearing unsupportive slippers and outdoor sneakers at home, Jordan craved a stylish, comfortable house shoe that still captured the coziness of a traditional slipper. Finding nothing with earth-friendly materials, actual foot support, and cool style, she created Dooeys.

Dooeys are made from premium, sustainable materials. Jordan and her team believe in creating the change they want to see in the world. That’s why they’ve chosen high-quality plant-based and recycled materials to make every pair of slipshoes. The brand also gives back to organizations that are removing carbon from the air and they offset CO2 emissions of every order shipped.

“Dooeys are stylish house shoes, or as we like to call them, slipshoes, designed for comfort and made from sustainable materials. We’ve reimagined the slipper to be stylish and supportive while remaining cozy. We’re proud to be ethically made in Portugal and use plant-based and recycled materials like apple leather, recycled polyester suede, and lining made from recycled plastic,” Jordan shared.

Dooeys are named after Jordan’s favorite Dutch word “doei” as a nod to her current home abroad—Amsterdam. Doei means goodbye and is almost always spoken with a uniquely chipper enthusiasm. As the founder and user of Dooeys, she encourages women to give those old, floppy, unsupportive slippers an enthusiastic doei—and slide their feet into their new favorite slipshoes.

Dooeys offer two styles – loafers and mules. The loafers are classy house shoes that are ready to pair with almost any outfit while doing house chores or simply just lounging around. The mules are effortless slip-ons that you won’t want to take off. They go well with jeans, sweats, dresses, or pajamas.

Jordan believes in conscious consumption and building a brand that provides a great product while doing good in the world. Customers of Dooey rave about their slipshoes and endorse the brand, its features, and its ethical values.

“As a person who loves to be barefoot, I’ve never been big on slippers but my Dooeys loafers are a game-changer. I love them for doing projects around the house, cooking, etc. I even find myself wearing them when sitting at my desk for work. They keep my feet warm but not too hot and I feel more put together and ready to work. I don’t know what I did without them,” said Mary L.

“Over the years, I have tried a bunch of slippers, but these house shoes are so much better. They are supportive and breathable, a real treat to wear around the house. I love that they’re made of sustainable materials instead of animal leather, too,” said Natalia G.

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About Dooeys

Dooeys are stylish and supportive house shoes made from sustainable materials. The brand aims to serve women in their everyday life at home by providing shoes they can look and feel good in while doing good for the planet.

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