Getting a room with Ann Arbor Apartment during the pandemic

With the pandemic taking toll on most people, house shifting is in high gear as tenants move to houses that are cheaper and easy to maintain. Ann Arbor Apartment representative, a company that is highly rated property Rental Company in Ann Arbor says that they have received many requests from people who are looking to downgrade. “We are at the middle of pandemic; most people have lost their income and are looking for ways to survive. Here at AAA, we assist customers get properties that fit within their needs and budget,” said the company representative while adding that they have now made it easy for people to find compatible roommates. AAA has recently enhanced its roommate matching services, a product it offers to its customers especially students who would like to save or live with a partner. The company representative says that with the roommate matching services, it is easy to make some savings. “We are advising students to use this service to cut on their rent. We understand that times are hard and maintaining a room where one lives alone may be hard. It is from this backdrop that we have enhanced our matching services to ensure that our clients get a compatible roommate and easily,” said AAA spokesperson.

While quoting an application which had been made by a student who wanted a roommate, the company representative said that the student in her or his application needs to indicate the preferences. It is not only students who are looking for roommate who can use the services. A previous occupant can also get a roommate to replace when they vacate the house. “We have a curtain in the room, so there will be privacy if you need it. Our apartment is filled with amenities and we are very welcoming and excited to meet you! I am moving out next year and want to find a new roommate for my current roommate,” wrote a sharing tenant who adds that she liked the service and would like others to benefit especially at a time when people are facing financial challenges occasioned by loss of income during the pandemic.

The company spokesperson says that they are delighted to serve their customers. “We feel honored when customers refer tenants to us,” said the spokesperson while referring to the comments by a vacating tenant.

About Ann Arbor Apartment

Ann Arbor Apartment is property firm started 1992 operating in Ann Arbor area of Michigan, United States of America. Since inception the company has been serving students and staff of University of Michigan and other residents in the neighboring areas. Growing to be a preferred property rental company in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas, the company has adopted a unique model where it treats all its residents like a family. Ann Arbor Apartment has strived to provide the best to their residents, offering services and assistance that make their stay comfortable. The rental property company relies on team of highly professional managers from CMB property management to offer reliable and effective services.


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