Venus Viva: Non-Surgical Solution for Young and Beautiful Skin at Love Your Body NYC

Venus Viva: Non-Surgical Solution for Young and Beautiful Skin at Love Your Body NYC

“Venus Viva Treatment at Love Your Body NYC”

Specialized in beauty and rejuvenation, Love Your Body, located in New York, introduces a new treatment for those wanting young and healthy skin quickly and without risks. It’s Venus Viva, an innovative new non-surgical facial care treatment.

Approved by the FDA, Venus Viva was designed for people who want to escape clinical surgeries and invasive treatments, which are often time-consuming, painful and don’t always achieve the result that many dream of: Youthful, rejuvenated skin with a natural glow.
With Venus Viva, those concerns are put at eases. Through a radiofrequency applicator – NanoFracional – the skin is stimulated to replace the existing collagen with a new one. The energy of the device deeply heats the skin without burning it. The process gives the face a smoother texture, fills in lines and wrinkles, treats rosacea and enlarged pores, in addition to reducing sagging. It also treats uneven skin texture, such as those from acne scarring, blemishes, acne and stretch marks.

Venus Viva can be applied to all skin types and pigments, including sensitive skin. Each application takes between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the area of ​​the face where the treatment will be performed. Most of the time, downtime is low and recovery is almost immediate. Normal skin routines such as wearing makeup can be resumed just 24 hours after the process.

The results of Venus Viva also appear quickly. In the first session, there’s a significant improvement of the facial skin, as this innovative treatment offers growth and rejuvenation of new skin cells. For even better results, more visits can be made to the spa every four to six weeks.

The new personalized skin resurfacing treatment Venus Viva is available in the beauty spa with Love Your Body NYC, a private and relaxing environment. A non-invasive and quick solution for those who want invigorating, glowing and youthful skin. Ckeck other med spa services.

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