Gas Specialists Warn Homeowners to Go Professional

A gas line repair and installation company in Vaughan has warned homeowners not to attempt to fit gas lines themselves.

ALP Heating cautioned that messing with gas without proper training was a dangerous job and should be dealt with by professionals.

“It is surprising how many people think that they can repair or install a gas line themselves, but they are putting the health and even the lives of themselves and their families at risk by even having a go.

“More and more people are turning to natural gas to cook with or to heat their homes as the cost of electric has gone through the roof. Gas is a much more cost-effective way for people to heat their homes in the winter.

“Many people also use gas to power a range or stove, a fireplace or heater, a water heater, a dryer, or a BBQ.”

ALP Heating said that some people were nervous about gas as it was so dangerous, but their spokesman added: “Gas is a perfectly safe resource to use. Yes, there is a risk of gas leaks if it is not fitted correctly, but if the gas line and the gas appliances are installed properly, by a qualified and licensed technician, then it is safe.

“We only employ experienced, licensed professionals, so our customers are safe in the knowledge that their gas lines and household appliances are being fitted by someone they can trust and know the job is being done correctly, efficiently and safely,” he added.

ALP Heating has listed the reasons why its customers who are nervous or unsure about choosing the right company to fit or repair their gas lines or appliances can trust them to do any work involving gas.

“It can be overwhelming for homeowners who need some work doing with their gas line or gas appliances, but they don’t know who to choose and who to trust. We thought we could give our potential customers a few pointers to help them when making that decision,” the spokesman added.

  • The job doesn’t have to be done in bits by different people. ALP Heating can take care of everything from installing or repairing the gas line to fitting appliance so they are ready to use.
  • From the moment our customers place a call to us asking for our help, we are here for them to answer any questions they may have about any aspect of the process.
  • ALP Heating is a locally owned, private company and understands the challenges of heating a home in Ontario, particularly during the winter and it has been working in the area and has experience of Ontario winters and challenges for many years.
  • They offer flexible scheduling.
  • They will prioritize suspected gas leaks as emergencies so they are on the doorstep of customers as quickly as possible.

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