Mobile Denture Services Becoming the Norm in Areas Surrounding the GTA

With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging off and on in areas across the GTA and several other areas of Canada, Osmin Denture Clinic, which has been providing low-cost dental for years now, has come up with a great solution for those that need denture care and are either quarantined or fearful of leaving home because of the risks of Covid.

Although Osmin Denture, which primarily served North York and Toronto has been a premier provider of quality dentures for years is following all safety requirements that are mandated by the Canadian Government, some individuals still are leery about going in for a denture fitting or repair. 

Osmin Denture has taken the revolutionary step of now providing mobile denture services to those that prefer the safety of their own homes.  This is both convenient and has led to expanded reach in the areas which can be served. 

A top spokesperson and practitioner with Osmin states, “The ongoing fear of the Pandemic, and the inability to schedule many individuals at one time because of social distancing guidelines, led us to arrive at the approach of mobile denture services.  These services are based on the old house-call approach that doctors used to use decades ago, and the public is embracing our approach with open arms.” 

Living with ill-fitting, cracked, broken dentures, or even worse, no teeth, can make individuals unhealthy and affect many aspects of their lives, including their social lives.  A great smile with perfect dentures was always available for low-cost at Osmin, however, now there is even more access to denture services with the addition of the mobile services. 

The same spokesperson also stated, “We saw a real need within the Canadian public for quality denture services; however, with social distancing and the fear of infection that is widespread within the Canadian public, Osmin felt the need to offer a different type of approach to obtaining dentures than other denture clinics were offering.  With all the phone calls and great input, we are receiving, we know we have added a service that denture patients want and need.   Those at greatest risk of becoming infected by Covid-19 were the most fearful about coming into a dental office, and some individuals were under mandates not to leave home.  Covid, unfortunately, is not going away quickly, and living even one day without good dentures can be torture.  Osmin has now addressed this problem quite effectively and there is no need to suffer without the quality dentures that will make life a whole lot more enjoyable.”

Pricing is also quite affordable as Osmin offers financial assistance through the Canadian government and offers a free consultation for all new patients.  House call dentistry is the wave of the future and the quality offered by Osmin can be obtained by many Canadians effortlessly.  Especially in the case of nursing home residents or personal care facility residents, or anyone with limited motion, mobile denturists are a real asset to good oral care.

About Osmin Denture Clinic

Osmin Denture Clinic has been a premier provider of all types of dental services for years now in the North York area.  Their primary concern is the quality and affordability of the services, but they also focus on being available to the public with their extended hours and social media presences. If patients cannot or do not want to visit their offices, Osmin provides mobile services now that make it super convenient to receive proper dental care from the comfort of home. 

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