WealthyIQ LLC Educates Families, Business Owners on the Intelligent Path to Financial Freedom

Colorado-based company aims to empower forward-thinking parents to protect their families from financial enslavement and devastating future taxation.

Everyone aims to attain financial freedom. But for many, this goal seems to keep getting farther and farther away despite an increase in salary or other sources of income. It all seems to go into bills and many other expenses, with only a small amount left to save. Economic crises, such as the one brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic, are only a part of the many factors that get in the way of building one’s wealth. All of these can lead to stress, anxiety, and feeling the weight of uncertainty. What some people forget is the fact that owing less money is the exact same thing as making more money, and is a necessary precondition to financial freedom.

“90% or more of the people sitting in your audiences are unknowingly giving away a large amount of their wealth. Day after day, week after week, month after month, they are losing money. Money that could be theirs, but is transferred into the pockets of someone else.”, says Jeff Ziegler in one of their masterclasses. Ziegler and his wife Tina, founded WealthyIQ LLC to educate families and business owners about the intelligent way to achieve financial freedom.

WealthyIQ LLC’s masterclass teaches them how much interest they truly are paying, and why it is the largest transfer of wealth that they have. According to AARP, over a lifetime, the average American pays over $600,000 in interest. It’s a substantial amount that can be used towards the purchase of property, or a retirement fund. The WealthyIQ team helps individuals and families flip the system for their benefit, so that the families can become the ones who make interest on their own money. They help people get a grip on their finances and control their cash flow, to secure the retirement that they want.

The masterclass shares easy to understand corporate finance strategies that anyone can use to attain their financial freedom in 10 years or less, regardless of their age, income level, social status, investment knowledge, or experience. WealthyIQ LLC emphasizes that money is all about math. Their on-demand masterclass shows attendees how to get their capital working for them through Ziegler’s proprietary (V+C2)+S3 formula. Their goal is to lead attendees to envision the powerful possibility of owning their cash flow and becoming their own source of financing.

“Wise people know that it’s not how much you make, it’s how much you keep that matters most, even more than the rate of return. Plus, few are taught how to avoid paying unnecessary taxes”, says Ziegler.

Individuals or families interested in the masterclass can learn more and sign up by visiting https://wealthyiq.com/. For any questions, the co-founders can be reached directly through their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/wealthyiq.

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