With new developed materials, MUMUSK’s maximized function and convenience Sauna suit is launching in America

Sweating in a sauna does not only make you feel better, but also has proven health benefits. Because of this effect, celebrities are also exercising in different versions of sauna suits to speed up weight loss.

Sauna suits increase metabolic rate by increasing body temperature. As body functions increase, it burns more fat. Sweating is a good way to detoxify, and certain toxins are better removed by releasing sweat than going through the liver and kidneys. If you work out in a sauna suit, you can sweat more with less effort.

Sweat contains antibacterial peptides that actively fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses. This helps strengthen the immune system. Many people feel uncomfortable with swollen feet or hands. One of the reasons why the body swells is that muscles tend to hold water when stressed. Sweating a lot can solve this problem.

MUMUSK, a brand that specializes in developing and selling sauna suits with these advantages, has entered the United States. MUMUSK is a brand professional in sauna suits that sold more than 1 million sauna suits in Korea. CEO Choi Hyang-hee, who started as a designer and has been working in the fashion industry for 30 years, discovered the benefits even before sauna suits became popular in Korea and began to develop them.

Some sauna suits introduced in Google or YouTube are known to be trash bag suits or space suit due to their rustic designs and materials like plastic and urethane used to make the product. In order to get rid of such image, recent sauna suits have been improved with designs and materials.

With this effort, MUMUSK developed the Silverhilon8000, a material optimized to release a large amount of sweat with only short, low-intensity workout. MUMUSK’s sauna suit boasts excellent body temperature maintenance and radiant heat. In addition, MUMUSK’s sauna suit is made of ultra-lightweight fabric, making it comfortable to wear when exercising and easy to carry around. Spandex material that combines polyester and polyurethane ensures elasticity and makes activities easier. Since it uses eco-friendly adhesive hot-melt materials, it does not contain any toxic, formaldehyde, or bleach ingredients, so it can drain sweat healthily during exercise. MUMUSK also has a non-toxic test report on hot-melt materials.

More information on MUMUSK sauna suits can be found on the website below:

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