Discusses What Is Dolby Atmos? Discusses What Is Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is a popular type of surround sound setup, the main competition to DTS:X. It is found in all types of locations, from the largest commercial cinemas to the smallest home theaters and everything in between. The type of immersive format it provides can also be an amazing way to experience some of the best music ever created on speakers and mobile phones. There have been some recent changes from former formats, including new height channels and more.

Those interested in learning more about these devices can begin by reading the Best surround sound systems: our guide to truly cinematic sound | TechRadar. browse around this site. More information about Dolby Atmos systems can also be found below.

Getting to Know Surround Sound Systems

To better understand what makes Atmos unique from other systems, such as Dolby Digital, it is important to look at how sound is mixed for television shows and movies. Everything heard in a movie, from the voices and sound effects to the music, are mixed into individual channels. For simplicity’s sake, these channels are dependent on the location where they are installed.

This means that the music swelling in a dramatic part of a movie is heard from a different part of the surround sound system than the dialogue. This is to create that immersive experience according to

However, with Atmos, channels are not used. Instead, the sounds are treated as a type of object. Instead of assigning the sounds to media and then speakers, filmmakers give the sound to a specific place. This provides more flexibility and helps to improve the experience in a theater and at home.

Home Use of Atmos

Theaters are great to go to from time to time; however, most people will watch more movies at home. Atmos is not just about home theater. In fact, Dolby has branched out into music, as well. Today, there are small selections of titles offered by Amazon Music and Tidal that are remixed with Atmos. To learn more, browse around this site

To ensure that mobile users can experience Atmos movies and music, some newer mobile devices will have a version of this technology that is referred to as Dolby Atmos for Headphones. While these are just a stereo-only version, they can simulate the effects of Atmos using any headphones. Today, these headphones can be purchased for use with PCs and Xbox gaming systems.

If someone is listening at home or watching a movie on their Vizio entertainment system, they probably don’t want to install height speakers in the ceiling. That is actually fine because there are no more speakers and soundbars available than ever before that feature the needed built-in height channels or that fit on top of the existing models. The speakers can bounce the sound off the ceiling, which creates the height effect. This is a great option for getting that theater-experience at home.

Purchasing the quality speakers and sound systems desired is one of the best ways to get the most immersive experience possible when watching television or movies. This is true regardless of if someone is at home or at a theater.

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