Ryan Truax’s poetry book is now available on Amazon. The book discusses a poetic approach to suicide and mental health

“I want to openly discuss my extraordinary personal pain in order to share how powerful we are when we decide to overcome our hardships.”

The life journey of Ryan Truax is the ultimate “underdog story”. As a former drug addict, high school dropout, and psych ward patient at age 18 due to drug abuse, Ryan has been through many hardships. He lost both of his parents tragically, and these challenges encouraged Ryan to pursue sobriety. He has been sober for many years now.

Ryan’s poetry book, “If I Die, Here’s What I Meant,” will be available in hard copy format on February 1st, 2021 on Amazon, and is a poetic collection of his most vulnerable and personal secrets which are meticulously documented. The book has already hit the #1 bestseller’s list in three categories. One of them being in the category of ‘psychology of suicide’. “That was a big win for me,” Ryan mentions. “The book covers immense detail about the beauty of love, the treasures of life, the pleasures of simplicity, and all that comes with navigating our own journeys. I poured my entire heart and soul into these words”, Ryan also shares. In just 11 months through sharing his story on social media, he has garnered over 125,000 fans and followers from over 50 countries around the world.

His writing confronts the stigmas pertaining to mental health and discusses the importance of maturity, accountability, work ethic, and the power to avoid a victim mentality. His purpose and message is to encourage the youth to recognize how much internal change can occur through planning and execution.

Anyone who was an addict, battles (or knows someone who battles) mental health issues, has been bullied, faced discrimination, or who has been raised in working-class/poor backgrounds has a special place in this world and matters more than they know. Ryan’s father had no life insurance when he died, and his mother was forced to file for bankruptcy. They moved into a tiny one-bedroom apartment in East Los Angeles where he slept in the living room. His journey is one that inspires all of us to overcome tough times and choose the positive path to a fulfilling and happy life. As of today, Ryan has progressed in the corporate world as a successful businessman.

You can pre-order his book “If I Die, Here’s What I Meant,” here on Amazon.

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