Oba Restaurant reopens for service while safely navigating the pandemic

Oba Restaurant reopens for service while safely navigating the pandemic

“Oba Grill Mediterranean Turkish Restaurant before the Covid 19”
Oba Grill, the up-and-coming Mediterranean restaurant located in the heart of Forest Hills has been a hotspot for those wanting to experience authentic Turkish cuisine, while also setting exemplary standards when it comes to navigating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Berkan Dinc, the supervising manager and partner of Oba Grill is responsible for managing and coordinating restaurant operations while ensuring complete customer satisfaction which he says is their main goal. As an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, Dinc has proclaimed that the experience has been “challenging but rewarding” as the partners of Oba Grill have brought Turkish cuisine to Queens and has grown to be a popular spot for locals.

What makes Oba Grill unique?

At Oba Grill we use the highest quality, organic ingredients to ensure the freshest and most delightful dishes. Our dishes are made to order on-premises, by our talented chefs who uphold themselves to the highest standards in taste and presentation. Our prices are also very fair compared to our large portion sizes, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with delicately made dishes.

What are some dishes that the customers enjoy the most?

Our most popular dish includes our mixed grill plate, due to the large portion and affordable price. It allows customers to try many different styles of kebabs to really experience the flavors of Turkish cuisine. Dishes from the oven are also very popular, especially our fresh oven-baked bread and flatbreads that are available with an assortment of toppings. These are traditional Anatolian dishes with lots of history behind their origin and make the dishes we offer at Oba even more unique.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic affect your business and how did you overcome those issues?

The pandemic has inevitably affected every small business in the city. We were highly affected due to a high number of cases and restrictions on indoor dining. It did drive our profits low temporarily, however, we overcame these issues by implementing outdoor seating which is also heated for the cold temperatures. We had an increase in demand for takeout and we also offer free delivery. And most importantly, our customers from all over Queens have stayed loyal and we did not let the pandemic affect our quality of food or service.

What steps have you taken to ensure safety for your customers amid the pandemic?

The safety of our customers is our main priority on-premises. We strictly follow the state health department rules and regulations as well as recommendations from the CDC to ensure our customers are comfortable but also safe amid this pandemic. We are serious about following the health department safety plans such as social distancing and wearing masks.

Are there any new, special dishes coming to your menu in the near future that we should be excited about?

At Oba, we are always adding new dishes to our menu to appeal to all of our customers. Recently we have added burgers to our menus which include a great, flavorful cheeseburger as well as a delicious and healthy veggie burger. Everyone loves burgers so we wanted to add that to our menu alongside all of our traditional dishes.

What do you see in the future for Oba Grill? Any new locations or expansions?

Yes, at Oba we are planning to open two more locations, which unfortunately has been temporarily postponed due to the pandemic. However, as Oba Grill grows our main priority is customer satisfaction and we strive for perfection through our food and service. We want New Yorkers to experience authentic Turkish cuisine and we hold ourselves to the highest standards in order to achieve these goals. The pandemic has been a tough time for this city, but New Yorkers are resilient and have not let us down with their support of small businesses that keep us going.

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