Unify Candle Company Launches High Quality, Natural Candles at Competitive Prices

This company disrupts the candle industry with its variety of candles at competitive prices. Unify Candle Company offers 100% natural soy candles.

Scented candles have become popular once again. As home-bound people find comfort in these products, candle makers have become more creative as competition heats up. Equally important as creativity are quality and price points. Sick of seeing chemicals in overpriced candles made by big corporations, candle creator Unify Candle Company started making candles that are natural but sold at competitive prices. Now, Unify Candle launches its high-quality, natural candles at competitive prices.

“It’s a classic David versus Goliath scenario. We are trying to disrupt the massive candle industry by offering extremely high quality, natural products for an extremely competitive price,” said the representative of Unify Candle. The company goes back to the drawing board and made a promise that Unify Candle would only use soy-based wax and natural scents with sustainably sourced wooden wicks.

“We’re not only integrating the best of the best into our candles, but we’ve decided that quality candles shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg,” the Unify Candle spokesperson added.

Unify Candle offers individual candles in different unique scents. The Apple Pie, for example, brings customers a waft of freshly baked apple pie. The Harvest Moon, on the other hand, features a sweet, rich, and buttery fragrance. It has notes of caramelized vanilla and crème brûlée. Another one-of-a-kind scent is the Pumpkin Patch that’s reminiscent of the smells of a pumpkin patch, coffee shop, and bakery at the same time. Sweet, spiced, and buttery, this scent can also be bought all-year-round.

Scents like Fresh Linen, Sandalwood, Cucumber and Mint, Snow Day, and Winter Pine are also available. Customers can also purchase three scents in one set with the brand’s Make Your Own 3 Pack promo.

Unify Candle’s products also come in sturdy canisters that can be placed on any table at home or the office. With its durable holder, anyone can lighten up the day, set the mood, or lift the spirits with the candle’s special fragrance.

With Unify Candle, gifting loved ones or buying some as part of a self-care ritual has become easy. Customers who are avid followers of scented candle trends and new scents can also receive updates on the company’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.

All Unify Candle products are produced and packaged in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and have a 50-hour burn time. For more information on the Unify Candle Company, be sure to visit http://www.unifycandles.com.

About Unify Candle Company

Unify Candle Company handcrafts 100% natural soy wax candles, with an emphasis on quality and minimalism. The company promises to use only natural scents with sustainably sourced wooden wicks. Unify Candle believes that quality candles shouldn’t have to cost consumers an arm and a leg by integrating the best of the best into its candles at competitive prices.

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