Vietnamese Fashion Brand MEAN BLVD Launches E-Commerce Platform.

This fashion brand brings the beauty of Vietnamese fashion to the global market. Now, people can access Asian haute couture with just a tap.

Fashion has always been a form of self-expression as it allows a person to strut different personalities. Haute couture is one of these expressions. It provokes sophistication and elegance that many aim to achieve. MEAN BLVD, a newly launched fashion platform based in Vietnam created a store that aimed to deliver high-quality and locally made fashion pieces in one outlet. MEAN BLVD officially launched its site featuring designs from prominent local fashion designers.

MEAN BLVD spokesperson shared, “MEAN BLVD is the official direct partner of designer labels from Vietnam to introduce Vietnamese creative fashion to the world.” MEAN BLVD is composed of outstanding and reputable Vietnamese fashion brands. These Vietnamese designer labels have strongly established their identities and are already gaining popularity in the international market. The company envisions bringing the Vietnamese couture across the globe while providing a stress-free and convenient shopping experience to all.

What makes MEAN BLVD prouder of its product line is the authenticity of its local flavor. Every design piece was inspired by the elegance and sophistication of modern Haute Couture fashion but with a hint of Asian culture. The couture lines feature the unique material combinations of fabrics available in Vietnam. Each pattern, color, and fabric fit the physique and skin tone of Asian women. Every collection reveals the exotic beauty of the culture. Considering the climate in the Asian region, the fabrics used in the collections are carefully picked to provide comfort and freedom to move. The products in every collection are delicately handcrafted by skilled craftsmen making every piece special.

With such creations, MEAN BLVD elevates the beauty of Asian culture that is at par with the haute couture from Paris, Milan, and New York. As a multi-brand retailer, MEAN BLVD positions itself as every woman’s “virtual closet”. Its wardrobe collection ranges from casual, sleek, corporate, and high-fashion pieces for every personality. The platform assures to update its collection with over fifty new products weekly. This enables women to browse through an array of fashionable clothing in an instant while keeping up with the latest fashion trends.

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MEAN BLVD is a multi-brand retailer that aims to bring Vietnamese fashion brands to the world. MEAN BLVD was launched as a virtual closet that provides hassle-free shopping for all elegant women.

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