Sales Guru Dylan Caudullo Announces Source Force Militia Training On Closing Million-Dollar Deals

The training involves practical teaching by professional sales consultants. It’s a life-changing opportunity for people to discover their talent and achieve greater success

Dylan Caudullo, a high ticket selling expert who closes multi-million dollar monthly sales is proud to announce his customized training called “Source Force Militia”. The purpose of the training is to provide people who want to establish a career in high ticket selling the expertise and strategy to achieve their goal.  

Source Force Militia comprises of central study hub and a group of highly-trained consultants that give power to ethical individuals and organizations using superior business administrative technology.  

Every member of the training group will be exposed to the secrets of finding, nurturing, and closing million-dollar deals daily, weekly, or monthly, using tested and trusted strategies. Dylan is also currently hiring new sales motivated professionals to satisfy growing demands.  

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At the age of 21, Dylan is already a successful entrepreneur closing million-dollar deals on a monthly basis and living a dream life in a sky-high penthouse in San Diego. But things had not always been rosy for him, as he started rough in life, fighting through hard times.  

Dylan who was raised by a single mother struggled as a kid. At 15, he was already doing drugs and by 19 years of age, he was arrested. His experience during incarceration wasn’t pleasant but it was a wake-up call to change his life and find a career path to genuine success. He realized the power of sales – a career path that doesn’t require any degree but skills and training to excel. 

There are many people out there who have the skills to close million-dollar deals but lack the expertise and training. Dylan wants to use the Source Force Militia training to help them discover their full potential and launch them into a life-changing experience in their career.  

Every participant will be given modern tools and resources they need to apply, so they can achieve greater success in their sales career. These lessons are offered by seasoned professionals with a successful track record, and it involves techniques rooted in modern technology and strategy.  

To learn more, please visit here. 

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