FC LOCKSMITH LTD Decided No Lay-Offs throughout Covid-19 & Took Losses

FC LOCKSMITH LTD Decided No Lay-Offs throughout Covid-19 & Took Losses
The Toronto locksmith company, FC Locksmith Ltd, announced a no-layoffs pledge due to the coronavirus pandemic and decided to take all losses.

TORONTO, ON – FC LOCKSMITH LTD takes a no COVID-19-layoffs pledge and proudly absorbs the company’s losses.

FC LOCKSMITH LTD will not layoff employees due to the Covid-19 pandemic, owner Eran Gurvich said, pinpointing that the locksmith company will take the losses.

“We don’t intend to let any of our personnel go. We live in turbulent times. No doubt. But the job we do is very important. We want our staff and especially all locksmiths focused on their job instead of worrying about their jobs,” said Gurvich.

The coronavirus pandemic has already cost the job to millions of people globally, while another wave of job loss is expected to hit when the weather gets bad again. Businesses of any nature around the world had to let people go so that they won’t close down. Even those who felt safe saw their jobs dry up, while many employees were obliged to work from home. Millions of jobs were lost during the first months of the coronavirus and the rate of the unemployment is expected to rise further with the future layoffs – also, expected to be in millions.

“It’s not easy,” Gurvich said. “Covid-19 has affected all sectors but on the other hand, taking rush decision in times of turmoil is also wrong. In our business, we cannot operate without staff. The truth is that we’ve already seen dramatic losses. If people don’t go to work, don’t go out, they don’t need locksmith services as much as before the coronavirus period. Also, it’s not easy for everyone to pay for new locks installation, for example. So, if it’s not urgent, they don’t call us anymore. That’s a side effect of the coronavirus pandemic too. It’s hard. It’s very hard. But we need to think of our own people, the staff that has been committed to our business for years. And so, we make a pledge of no layoffs.”

FC LOCKSMITH LTD may not be hiring at this point but at least, the company is prepared to take its losses and protect its workers. In a period when even the safer employees fear for the job and are clueless about the future of their employment, knowing that the paycheck will come no matter what is critical.

“We all experience an economic shock. Even worse, we fear for our health, the health of our families. At the same time, we have a job to do. Not like before – for sure. But people still need a local locksmith from time to time and we must be prepared to respond with the same speed as before,” Gurvich explained.

Making keys, fixing locks, unlocking doors and similar jobs are still needed, as the owner of the FC locksmith company said, emphasizing that the no-layoffs pledge is a pledge primarily for the workers but also for the customers.

“Who would like to remain locked out of the house for long? If we had made layoffs, we wouldn’t be able to help fast. And so, our no coronavirus-layoffs pledge concerns our customers too. It concerns the people that would call to have the damaged lock replaced or the broken key retrieved and would have their job done.”

FC LOCKSMITH LTD has taken drastic measures and dispatches locksmiths with face masks, disposable gloves, hand sanitizers. “The service vehicles and equipment are all sanitized,” Gurvich said. Social distancing and all regulations are met to the letter in an attempt to minimize the risk of both customers and staff being exposed to the coronavirus.

“As other businesses – perhaps, other locksmith companies, we have some financial strengths and use them wisely to remain on our feet. Yes, covid-19 was a shock for our generation, we didn’t know what hit us and now that we have experienced it, we have something worse to face: the future. We don’t know what lies ahead. But we must remain optimistic and also, we have a job to do. So, yes, we do take our losses and protect the jobs of our staff so that they can focus on their job.”


FC LOCKSMITH LTD is an emergency 24-hour locksmith company. It’s a professional team that serves the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada, and ready to offer solutions to all lock and key problems. The locksmith services include but are not limited to deadbolt installation, lock rekey, lock change, transponder key programming, key replacement, and many more.

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