SLD FINANCIAL Announces Weekly Webinar Series “Money Matters”

The webinar talks about different financial subject matters explained in the simplest form to educate people about proper money management.

Many people learn accounting, economics, and how to make money in school. However, the practice of proper money management is seldom taught and learned. Some people learn it the hard way. The lack of financial education across continents is quite bothersome. This is the reason why SLD FINANCIAL pushes its advocacy to teach people money management techniques. To explain financial subject matters most simply, the company announces its weekly webinar series titled “Money Matters.”

“The background, education level, experience, wealth level, or lack of should not dictate the amount of financial education you get. Why is it that millions put away money in their retirement while working for a paycheck to paycheck job, and still not fully understand where their money is going, how it will be taxed, and what is and is not guaranteed to them,” said the spokesperson from SLD FINANCIAL

For this reason, the Webinar Series will be at no charge each Thursday at 4pm and 7pm (PST). It will cover various topics including 401K Maximation, Tax Updates, Children Financial Blueprint, and how to Properly Protect Assets and much more.

Since 2009, SLD FINANCIAL has been helping businesses and individuals safeguard their assets, debt management, cash flow needs, proper protection, and building wealth. The company’s a family-oriented organization helping the community.

Today, SLD FINANCIAL continues to be passionate about helping both companies and individuals diversify their portfolios, manage assets, build wealth, and preserve wealth. Its goal is to safeguard the dreams and assets that businesses and families strived to achieve. After all, these are the wealth they have worked so hard for to accumulate. The company believes that proper money management is about choices and education.

The company believes that financial struggles can be prevented with the right knowledge, solutions, and tools. While news about job insecurity and financial struggles remain to be heard and seen, people seem to remain unaware of the consequences that poor financial planning brings.

The company offers retirement planning, which includes five different types of analysis including IRA/Pension Maximation. This service allows individuals to maximize their IRA/Pension plans to ensure financial security in the long run. SLD FINANCIAL also provides proper protection or insurance plans. Under this service, the company looks into the different types of insurance like life, property, mortgage, health, and many others. Its goal is to assure people they are well-protected so they can freely do their life goals and achieve them.

SLD FINANCIAL also provides services for legacy planning and business protection plans. The company also offers business consultation, debt review, legal referral services, and more. For more information on SLD FINANCIAL, be sure to visit


SLD is a national, financial services company that started in 2009 with humble origins and a grand vision. The foundation of “TURNING THE INDUSTRY RIGHT SIDE UP” has been the crusade to help and educate others in not only finance but also in empowering others through knowledge. It is a personal touch in an industry that has grown a bit cold towards certain levels of wealth and class. The company believes that there should never be a “You are not good enough” or “You are not wealthy enough” mentality in the country. It also advocates that everyone should have access to the same knowledge and education, as well as financial freedom regardless of their profiles or background.

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