How Alex Hormozi Scaled Multiple Companies To Over $100M In Sales

Companies are in the business of scaling their sales. However, this process always comes with unique challenges. Building good leadership, maintaining customer and employee success retention is not still an easy task. Many businesses struggle to keep their doors open, but for Alex Hormozi, these challenging times have been some of his best moments.  

Alex Hormozi is an American entrepreneur and businessman who founded Gym Launch in 2017. He expanded his portfolio by launching a concurring business (Prestige Labs) in 2019 that leveraged his existing client base to scale rapidly. Alex is also the founder of A.L.A.N – a company that helps lead generation businesses and marketers generate more sales and increase margins while scaling. Alex traveled throughout the country to open a chain of gyms. His Gym launch helps gym owners acquire, serve, and retain customers through lead generation, lead nurture, sales, fulfillment, and retention.

The Secrets To Scaling

Alex scaled four companies to $100M in cumulative sales across four different industries: software, service, e-commerce, and brick & mortar. This achievement happened in under four years without taking on outside capital. He is widely considered an acquisition and monetization expert. But what makes Alex be at the top of the game?

• Offering Quality Services & Proper Customer Care

Offering professional services to clients can help anyone scale. How they treat a client determines whether they will ever come back to them for their assistance. When Alex met Leila, they began traveling from gym to gym, helping owners build sustainable businesses. As a result, Gym Launch continued to grow to over $24M/yr without outside investment. Gym Launch had serviced over 3200 gyms offering quality professional services to the gym owners. Gym launch had already produced over 40 millionaires out of gym owners. 

• Reinvesting

An ideal way to spend company profits is reinvesting back into the company? This action is always a wise business move because it keeps the company running, making it grow bigger and better. At one point, Alex reinvested everything back into another business that would support the same clients: Prestige Labs, a company that began as a supplement company. 

• Study The Market & Competition Then Grab The Opportunities

The market and competition can determine how or whether the company will scale. When everybody else was going out of business, Alex was buying up their gyms and implementing his systems to scale. Soon, other gym owners began approaching him to find out how he could survive, and he quickly recognized the opportunity to help gym owners by sharing everything he had learned from his experience. In the process, Gym Launch took off within a short time. 

• Don’t Scale Alone; Get a Team

Company growth doesn’t just happen. Commitment, careful planning, and most of all teamwork are needed. No single person has all the skills needed to scale a business; it requires a team of professionals. Building the right team dedicated to a shared dream of scaling can be difficult, but it’s a must-have to succeed. At Gym Launch, Alex grew a team of over 40 employees. He has also managed teams of as many as 140 employees, building three businesses from scratch. 

Alex does not enjoy his success alone. He also donates part of his earnings. For example, he has donated over $1,000,000 to After School All-Stars, a charity supporting youth and education. In that way, he has also earned himself a name. He is the winner of the 2CCC ClickFunnels Award. He received the first “2 Heart” award from ClickFunnels for donating over $1M to charities. 

Scaling in any business requires the above tips and the earlier it’s embraced, the better the outcome for the company. Offer proper customer care services, be professional, reinvest the profits, keep an eye on emerging opportunities, and build a successful team. Give the team clear direction, proper instructions, and the right tools so the business or company scales to levels of success and profitability. For more information on how to scale, connect with Alex Hormozi here. Visit his Twitter handle.

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