Teleradiology Consultants Takes Services Closer to Healthcare Facilities Across United States

This healthcare solutions provider proves that quality teleradiology services are achievable by partnering with the right organization.

High-quality patient care has always been the priority of healthcare facilities everywhere. Most healthcare organizations invest in new and innovative healthcare technology—such as imagery and laboratory machines—that can perform diagnostic procedures and provide accurate results. They also employ licensed medical practitioners that can interpret results and provide the best care solutions for their patients. These updated equipment and board-certified staff can lead to better procedures, products, and faster results, but also come with expensive maintenance costs.

Teleradiology Consultants, LLC brings teleradiology services to healthcare facilities. Teleradiology Consultants connects hospitals, imaging centers, urgent care centers, micro-hospitals, and specialty clinics with quality teleradiology providers across the country to help facilities deliver the ultimate patient care and the experience that they aim to achieve.

Teleradiology Consultants has a wide network of US-based teleradiology organizations that are available, flexible, dependable, and are easy to work with. These third-party service providers are committed and can easily adapt to their clients’ work culture. They provide the same level of expertise and bring better service at only a fraction of the cost of maintaining a full-time new radiologist, allowing healthcare facilities to save time and money while conveniently improving the quality of services they offer to their patients.

Teleradiology can be used in many ways. It can be used to cover off-hours or when a radiologist is on vacation. It can also be utilized to gain a sub-specialty radiologist when an institution needs an MSK radiologist for example, although many facilities only currently employ a good general radiologist on-site. Using Teleradiology adds more flexibility and access to even sub-specialty trained Radiologists without the full-time pricetag!

Most importantly, Teleradiology can cover overflow exams during busier times without needing to hire an additional full-time radiologist. For example, a facility has a shift that only needed one radiologist to cover but then it received a motor vehicle accident with multiple people injured. Having Teleradiology as a “back-up” is ideal because now, the institution can scan and receive a report back quickly on multiple patients at once compared to one patient at a time if it just relied on one in-house radiologist.

Partner service providers are readily available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to do diagnostic interpretations, as well as to answer questions if clarifications are needed by an institution’s medical staff. They work remotely but can still adapt easily to their client’s work culture and system. These organizations also have dependable IT infrastructure that helps them get the work done at any given time 24/7/365. These qualifications and more are what separate Teleradiology Consultants’ partner service providers from other teleradiology service providers. Healthcare institutions can rely on their vendor and can leave their teleradiology services to them without worries.

Teleradiology Consultants takes pride in their partners’ outstanding services and professionalism that make it possible for healthcare institutions to provide excellent patient care around the clock. According to a chief executive officer of a medical and urgent care center that utilizes Teleradiology Consultants, “We are extremely happy with the radiology services being provided to us by the company introduced to us by Teleradiology Consultants, LLC. They are easy to deal with, accurate, and cost-effective. It is comforting to know that we can grow our business and have them by our side.”

At present, Teleradiology Consultants, LLC has more than three dozen teleradiology companies nationwide that provide services to more than 120 hospitals, imaging centers, primary care physicians, and urgent care centers across all 50 states. More information about Teleradiology Consultants, LLC is available at

About Teleradiology Consultants, LLC

Teleradiology Consultants, LLC focuses on connecting hospitals, imaging centers, urgent care centers, micro-hospitals, and specialty clinics across the United States with quality teleradiology providers. Officially launched in May 2017, Teleradiology Consultants, LLC now has connected more than 120 healthcare organizations in various states, providing service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

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