Finnish Band Korve Releases New English Album, “Another Spark”

Finnish Band Korve Releases New English Album, "Another Spark"

February 22, 2021 – Like time-honed wine, the latest album release of Finnish turned English band Korve marks a new milestone in the band’s journey. Recorded in 2020 at Karkkila, Finland, “Another Spark” is the new coming of the band, which has matured to create authentic music that touches not just the ears but the very soul of listeners.

Korve’s “Another Spark” features Aino Stick on the vocals on the track ‘Stormy Days’.

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Formed in 2005, Korve members spent their initial years producing raw and emotional Finnish rock and metal. In 2011, the band re-invented itself and switched to English, spending the larger part of the decade polishing their act and musical outlook. The present full team comprises Tomi Eskelinen (Guitars, Production), Jesse Lantinen (Vocals, Arrangements, Lyrics), Pauli, and Vihanto (Drums, Glue).

The new album was a peculiar thing to create. The tracks reveal our drive to tell musical stories just the way we want. We have also put in as much production quality as we could possibly muster,” says the band.

Korve’s music is a fresh take on rock and incorporates elements drawn from other genres and artists. For them, music has always been the medium of emotions, and thus the aim is to capture a moment, a thought, or a feeling by using appropriate lyrics, musical score, or atmosphere. The ultimate aim is contained in the band’s motto: “To move one soul, to touch one mind”.

It’s not whether we get praised by our rock police friends. It’s not the super breakdown analysis of the press or millions of plays in Spotify. For us it’s about what music feels like.” says a band member.

The band members have thus never shied from learning things the hard way and struggling to take their creations to the next level. “Another Spark” has been in the making for years, and the band feels that it wouldn’t be what it is today had it been done earlier. For the band, their music finds fulfillment if it can offer comfort, meaning, and courage, or impart a sense of purpose, to even one soul.

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