Divorce Lawyer at SKV Attorneys Helps Clients Through a Difficult Phase by Providing the Best Legal Counsel

Divorce Lawyer at SKV Attorneys Helps Clients Through a Difficult Phase by Providing the Best Legal Counsel
SKV Attorneys is the top-ranked family law and divorce law firm in Randburg, SA. The compassionate and determined team of attorneys at this law firm always prioritizes its client’s interests and works to secure a favorable judgment.

According to announcements released by SKV Attorneys, the divorce lawyer at this law firm can help a client navigate the potentially time-consuming and emotionally draining divorce process in a seamless and relatively stress-free manner. SKV Attorneys regularly handle cases of contested and uncontested divorces. 

SKV Attorneys care for their clients’ emotional and mental well-being and strives to provide the best possible counsel to settle the issues, including child custody. Depending on the situation, the law firm may recommend sole custody or joint custody. The attorneys have the legal acumen and experience to ensure that the maintenance settlement and division of assets are not unfair to its client. It provides mediation services so that both parties get an opportunity to understand each other’s perspectives. 

The divorce lawyers at this law firm have encountered all the different scenarios one can associate with a divorce case and, therefore, know how to effectively and efficiently go about the matter.

The family lawyer at SKV Attorneys considers all the variables that can influence the outcome of cases involving divorce, family trusts, and wills, domestic violence, edictal citation, etc. The experienced family lawyers remain committed to securing an outcome that allows their clients to move forward positively. SKV Attorneys has a dedicated family law department to help a client with every aspect of family life relevant to a given case. 

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SKV Attorneys said, “In South Africa, the type of marriage of the parties will govern how the assets will be split upon the conclusion of the marriage, the assets being those at the time of the divorce. In our judicial system, we have a ‘no fault’ system of divorce, meaning that a divorce will be permitted if one of the parties feels that there has been an ‘irretrievable breakdown of the marriage relationship’ and that there are no reasonable likelihood of restoring it. Therefore, a marriage can be concluded even if one party does not wish to get divorced.

The court’s rule can only conclude civil marriages, civil unions, or any other religious marriages conducted by certified marriage officers. 

Offering insight into the mediation process, SKV Attorneys said, “In mediation, there is a neutral third party present that will usually be a go-between for the two spouses. The mediator will assist both spouses on the best course of action to take in their divorce process.

The mediator will typically have a background in law or psychology; however, the mediator has no authority in decision making and is purely there to ensure both parties can come to an understanding. The mediator will assist the party in making sensible decisions regarding the estate or any children.”

About the Company:

SKV Attorneys is a licensed law firm specializing in a wide range of South African law, including family law, divorce law, litigation, commercial law, criminal law, and conveyancing. It is committed to obtaining justice for its clients. It has the legal acumen to get favorable rulings for its clients even in the most complex legal matters.

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