Health, Fitness, and Wellness Expert Boo Sadikot Helps the Community in Novi MI Become Better Versions of Themselves

Health, Fitness, and Wellness Expert Boo Sadikot Helps the Community in Novi MI Become Better Versions of Themselves
Boo Sadikot has two decades of experience as a fitness trainer. He runs the Fitness Together personal training studio in Novi, MI, where he trains clients to achieve their health and fitness goals through science-based training methods.

According to announcements released by Boo Sadikot, the Fitness Together personal training center in Novi, MI, has become the go-to destination for men and women who wish to accomplish their health and fitness objectives. 

Boo Sadikot, who owns this personal training center, has more than 20 years of experience as a personal trainer. He has helped countless clients achieve their nutrition, weight loss, and wellness objectives through nutrition, exercise, workouts, and diets. 

Fitness Together Novi is perhaps the best option for busy professionals in the area because of the owner’s ability to accommodate active lifestyles and still deliver results, whether through in-person training or personal training sessions delivered virtually. Individuals who feel that their fitness objectives can be achieved better through private one-on-one sessions rather than through a gym should consider an appointment with Boo Sadikot to better understand the extent and efficacy of services offered. 

Fitness Together Novi, owned by Boo Sadikot, stands out from its competitors because of its focus on helping clients acquire health and fitness through researched and proven exercise programs. Sadikot and his team of trainers ensure that the plans are customized to an individual’s age, existing health, and fitness objectives. The routines are scaled up to improve the quality of a client’s life to the extent possible. By addressing clients’ nutrition requirements through an ADA science-based plan, Boo Sadikot enables them to lead longer and more active lives. 

Boo Sadikot holds a degree in Exercise Kinesiology is certified as a personal trainer with the American Council on Exercise, Apex Nutrition Systems, and the National Academy of Sports and Medicine. He has also completed many ongoing programs and certifications based on nutrition, biomechanics, functional and balance training.

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Boo Sadikot said, “Fitness Together is a second home where your trainer welcomes you and makes you feel like you can be successful no matter your goals, unique needs, limitations, or injuries. The Fitness Together community inspires you to reach what you never thought possible. Our experienced personal trainers create custom programs for weight loss goals, weight management, building muscle and injury recovery. We combine strength and cardio, result tracking, real-time adjustments, and ongoing support. We believe that without your health, nothing else matters. We exist to empower you to take back your health so that you can have the energy to do what you love. Our goal is to help busy professionals look and feel their absolute best. ”Each day we help people just like you achieve their health and fitness goals.”

Sharing information about himself, Sadikot said, “I’m originally from the UK and came to the US in 1997.  I decided to get into the health and fitness industry. I opened my first personal training studio in 2002. My motivation was to improve the aspect of peoples’ lives by helping them understand the importance of exercise and good nutrition and the role it plays in improving the quality and longevity of their lives. The power of good nutrition and regular exercise is underestimated. There are not many places of work where you have a direct impact on the quality of a person’s life by helping them look and feel better and improve the way they look and feel.”

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Fitness Together Novi is owned by Boo Sadikot, a personal trainer with 20 years of work experience. Sadikot holds numerous qualifications and stays current with the latest health and nutrition developments to enable clients to regain health, gain muscle, achieve flexibility, and feel healthy.

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