Services to Boost GMP Antibody Production – Offered by Creative Biolabs

With rich experience in antibody discovery and production, Creative Biolabs is fully competent to support the development of monoclonal antibodies in the entire pipeline, all the way to GMP-like commercialization.

New York, USA – February 22, 2021 – Flexible and efficient GMP-like antibody production services are provided by Creative Biolabs to propel monoclonal antibody (mAb) development, from process development to aseptic filling. To best fit the mAb candidates of customers, those experts will design specific processes. The entire GMP-like antibody production service workflow is as follows, of which customers can choose both individual modules and an integrated package.

* Program Plan: A comprehensive program schedule will be established and proposed.
* Cell Banking: Develop GMP-like compliant cell bank.
* Process Design: Design and nail down the process specification.
* Process Development: Establish and optimize small-scale processes.
* Pilot Process: Scale up to the production scale.
* GMP Production: Conduct GMP-like production and manufacturing.
* Analysis: Deliver comprehensive analytical reports at crucial steps, from cell banking to the final analysis of products.

Services Highlights

Prokaryotic Antibody Production

* Hundreds of targets expressed with a success rate of soluble expression as much as 95%.
* A library of expression vectors, signal peptides, modifications, tags (6-8 His, GST, SUMO, Trx, NusA, etc.), and every detailed element, such as selection marker and promoter.
* A variety of prokaryotic host strains for diverse expression systems with particular or combined requirements.

Eukaryotic Antibody Production

Various expression systems are available.
Yeast Expression System
Filamentous Fungus Expression System
Eukaryotic Alga Expression System
Plant Cell Expression System
Parasite Expression System
Insect Cell Expression System
Mammalian Cell Expression System
Transgenic Animal Expression System

High-throughput Antibody Production

Creative Biolabs developed a highly efficient system that can cover the conventional 96- and 384- well expression and subsequent purification with superior yield and purity. Based on professional knowledge and years of hands-on experience, the technicians will give suggestions according to the specific requirements of each client. The entire workflow can be as efficient as 4 weeks of swift screening and producing period initiated from antibody sequence, and the products will be delivered in the subsequent 2 weeks.

Based upon the highly productive platform, Creative Biolabs can help generate high-quality antibody products efficiently, which will be ensured for integrity, and during the entire service lifecycle, feedback reports will be submitted timely at each important time node.

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Since its establishment, Creative Biolabs has been a trustworthy partner empowered by the premium services at competitive prices, which has extensive experience completing GMP-like antibody production from research quantities to industrial scale in a GMP-like facility. With a long commercial GMP-like manufacturing history working with several large pharmaceutical companies, highly-qualified staff and scientists at Creative Biolabs are confident in providing clients with a wide range of competencies and capabilities.

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