New Kickstarter campaign launches innovative web series that marries music with animation like never before

A-Lister is a fun and engaging web series which is aimed to bring smiles with its unique storyline, fun music, and vivid animations.

Something exciting is coming up to cheer up the mood amid this difficult pandemic time. LA-based A-Lister has recently launched a unique web series on Kickstarter, which promises a thrilling ride amid an exclusive blend of music and animation. Titled “A-Lister,” the show is bustling with a quirky soundtrack and a fun storyline like no other.

“What If The Archies, Gorillaz, and The Monkees start hanging out together on weekends over virtual pizza parties? They would probably discuss the music industry and crack jokes on the ins and outs of living life as an artist? Sounds magical, right? Well, our latest web series ‘A-Lister’ is a fun take on such larger-than-life themes but amid a relatable backdrop which is both intriguing and fun. We are glad to bring a one-of-a-kind tubular show that shows the marriage of music and animation like never before. We are hopeful, it’s going to be a great treat amid the current somber times”, stated Craig Richman – A-Lister.

The upcoming web series comes alive with a colorful storyline, vivid animations, and a fantastic soundtrack. The protagonist of the story is a strong and positive person who goes through various ups and downs of the music industry but never gives up in the face of adversities. Despite the struggles faced by the protagonist, the show sports a light and humorous tone overall to keep things fun and spirited all along for the audience.

“A major draw of our latest show is the characters that you will meet along the way. Designed with care, these are the characters you would be able to relate to-, making the entire show even more engaging for viewers. Coupled with that, we have got an original soundtrack, a humorous attitude, and edgy animations which altogether will make you sing and dance with your family or friends.”

Songwriter/producer Craig Adam Eden composes the music of A-List. The show’s theme song is an original soundtrack titled “Afraid of Guitars,” which summarizes the whole vibe of the show with an exciting mix of pop-rock, heavy synths, pop-rock, and a hint of 80s nostalgia.

“A-Lister aims to bring you back the needed fun and zest that we have been missing badly in the current pandemic era. It’s also a conscious effort to render a boost to pop culture. At present, we are looking forward to launching our first season with new music for every new episode- and that calls for robust financial backup. Thus, this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring this show to life and make things a little better around us.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive access to A-Lister songs, mention of backer’s name in the credits, and so on. To learn more or show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter.

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