Mango Animate Presents the Best Picture to Cartoon Software

Mango Animate Presents the Best Picture to Cartoon Software

“When choosing a built-in character, users will be able to customize every part of the character.”
Mango Animate Character Maker is one of the best picture to cartoon software that can help users convert their static images into dynamic 2D cartoon characters with animations.

Animators and cartoon makers often turn to animation apps to help them create their characters. Most times they’re looking to save some time and generate characters quickly. As such, it’s important to choose a character creator that will produce quality characters for use in cartoons. Software giant Mango Animate now offers picture to cartoon software. The Mango Animate Character Maker (Mango Animate CM) converts static images into high-quality cartoon characters.

Users do have the option of using any of the many cartoon character templates in the Mango Animate CM. But they can also upload images of their choice to the picture to cartoon software and create characters from scratch. The software supports PSD and PNG file formats. Once they’ve uploaded the images, they can add bones and nodes. The picture to cartoon software features handy bone templates and an easy-to-use bone tool. These make rigging the cartoon character fast and simple.

The cartoon characters can have their own unique personalities. The picture to cartoon software lets users change the features of the characters such as their facial features, hair, and skin color. Users can also swap the characters’ clothing and add accessories. They’re not limited to the items in the software either. They can import custom features as well as outfits and accessories.

Cartoon characters are at their best when they move. Whether it’s full-body motions or just their heads and facial features, their actions make them more enjoyable. Animators can take advantage of a full library of body movements and facial expressions in the picture to cartoon software. Animating the characters is as simple as dragging the desired motions and dropping them on the timeline. The timeline makes it easy to add, rearrange, or remove different motions. And the Inverse Kinematic (IK) feature ensures that the movements appear natural and streamlined.

The cartoon characters are ready to be used in any project. Users can choose their preferred format for export. They will make cartoons come alive. They can even be imported into the Mango Animate Animation Maker and saved in the custom character library.

Ivan Leung, CTO of Mango Animate states “Our character animation software is perfect for turning pictures to cartoons.”

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