Canadian Mortgage App emerges as the go-to mobile app for consumers and industry professionals.

Canadian Mortgage App helps Canadians make smarter mortgage decisions, find the best mortgage rates and connect with experts in just a few taps on their mobile device.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – February 23, 2021 – No longer do Canadians have to queue up at banks or browse multiple websites to piecemeal mortgage information. Leading mortgage app Canadian Mortgage App has made it easier than ever to get pre-qualified and find the most suitable mortgage from the convenience of a smartphone.

Dubbed as Canada’s #1 mortgage app, it has been installed by over 700,000 Canadian consumers and more than 20,000 industry professionals.

Canadian Mortgage App (CMA) is native to Android and iOS operating systems and already acknowledged by Apple in “Apps We Love” in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. The app has also been accredited as one of the “Top 5 apps for Home Buyers” by Google Editors Choice and received several other industry-specific awards.

Homebuyers are not the only ones using the Canadian Mortgage App. Approximately 40% of all licensed loan officers in Canada have opted into its paid PRO version. The PRO is yet another game-changer; it empowers industry professionals with a branded version that can facilitate engagement with clients and referral partners.

Ben Salami, the founder and developer of the Canadian Mortgage App says that having both consumers and professionals engaged on the same platform has allowed the app to grow into an exciting and vibrant digital ecosystem for hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

The app will also help homebuyers compare and study where they can shop for the best rates and run side-by-side comparisons based on the user’s unique situation. Once the user is ready to apply for a mortgage, they verify their account and complete a simple mortgage application. The smart application pre-fills most information from the various data points the user has already entered into the app. The app will then match the user with a loan officer in their area via an Uber-like notification system where the first available LO exclusively connects with the user. 

The full service is available at no cost to the borrowers.

The app also generates detailed reports which homebuyers can share with their loan officer or realtors outside of the Canadian Mortgage App when discussing home or mortgage-related terms.

“It’s the incredibly satisfying user experience that has earned us more than 15,000 positive reviews on the stores. However, the real power comes from our ability to capture complex underwriting rules and simplifying them for the average user.”

“Canadian Mortgage App is designed to help home buyers to be in control while researching and finding the most compatible mortgage in a more convenient way. You have the whole system right under your fingertips here, enabling you to get pre-qualified for the right mortgage in just seconds. All you would have to do here is enter your mortgage goals and budget details, and the app will itself calculate, compare and find the ideal mortgage for you in a flash. We have gone to great lengths to connect with award-winning professionals who can help our users along the approval process as fast as possible”, states Ben Salami. 

Ben emphasized that the app enables users to “Stress Test” their mortgage, calculate Land Transfer Taxes and First-time buyers rebates. CMA is currently the only app on the market with the entire B20 Guidelines and real rental income rules built-in. 

Early in 2021, the team is looking to introduce a world-class refinancing analyzer that will enable existing homeowners to revisit their current mortgage and determine if a refinance is right for them. The new tool will allow consumers to consolidate debt, determine break-even points and estimate savings over any given term.

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