2021 Top Selling Massage Chairs: The Modern Back’s Ultimate Buying Guides

Making any big purchase such as a massage chair is a relatively big decision and can be stressful. Therefore, in order to reduce the stress of the decision-making process, here is the ultimate buying guide to the successful purchase of a massage chair.

1. Hybrid or not?

A hybrid massage chair like the Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair is both an inversion stretch chair and a standard massage chair with an L-track running up the back of the chair. 

Inversion therapy is a technique where the chair flips backward, and the user is suspended upside down in the chair. Its primary function is to stretch the spine and relieve back pain. In other words, by shifting the body’s center of gravity, there is less pressure on the spine, and the spine is allowed to stretch out as this position provides traction on the spine. Consequently, the inversion stretch function available on this chair can help reduce the symptoms of, and pain related to, scoliosis, sciatica, poor circulation, and chronic back pain in people.

2. S-Track or L-Track?

The design of the massage chair’s back roller track varies from chair-to-chair. However, they are either categorized as an S-Track or L-Track.

The S-Track or Sinusoidal-Track follows the curve of the spine along the back of the chair, and it starts at the neck and extends down to the lower back.

Juxtapositionally, the L-Track, such as the one found in the Ergotec Jupiter massage chair, is quintessentially an extension of the S-Track. Instead of stopping at the lower back, as in the S-Track chairs, it extends right down to the glutes or hamstrings.

These tracks play a vital role in the chair’s fundamental purpose, to provide a human-like massage. Therefore, it is essential to choose a chair that fulfills its primary function according to the individual’s requirements. For instance, it is worth buying an S-Track massage chair if the intention is only to have back, neck, and shoulder massages. On the other hand, if purchasing the chair is for a full back massage right down to the hamstrings or glutes, it is important to buy an L-Track massage chair.

3. 2D, 3D, or 4D massage rollers?

One of the central aims of massage chair manufacturers is to develop a chair that gives the most human-like massage.

The original massage chairs were all 2D chairs. In practice, the massage rollers moved up and down the S-Track and left to right to create the rolling and kneading motion. Some chairs allowed the roller width and speed adjustments, but the massage movements remained on one plane.

3D massage chairs have the capacity to move along three planes, up/down, left/right, and in/out: thereby, allowing more control over the massage depth and facilitating additional control over the massage depth. This gives the user the ability to fine-tune the massage from a soft massage to a deep tissue massage.

4D massage chairs like the Osaki Maestro LE massage chair have an additional plane, time. In other words, these chairs operate with 3D motion, up/down, left to right, and in and out, but they have an additional dimension known as time so that the user can adjust the speed of the rollers. This additional functionality result in a smoother, more realistic, or human-like massage than a 3D massage chair. 4D massage chairs’ rollers are also wider, and they have the ability to massage deeper and more rhythmically than earlier massage roller iterations.

4. Reflexology foot massage or not?

The latest massage chairs, including the Infinity Genesis Max massage chair, have a reflexology foot massage function. Healthline.com defines reflexology as “a type of massage that involves applying different amounts of pressure to the feet.” This massage type is based on the theory that the feet, hands, and ears are connected to specific organs and body parts. Hence, massaging the feet, hands, and ears will offer a wide variety of health benefits.

The Infinity Genesis Max chair has a triple roller sole massage function that mimics the traditional reflexology thumb and finger techniques, paying attention to the pressure points on the feet linked to other body parts and internal organs.


There is no doubt that the information presented above demonstrates that buying one of these top selling massage chairs is a viable proposition.

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