New book Witch’s Wound tells story of past life trauma and spiritual awakening

Witch’s Wound is a new novel written by Nancy Cooper about spiritual awakening and past life trauma that women carry in their current life experience.

Upcoming author Nancy Cooper has recently launched her book Witch’s Wound as part of a novel trilogy Unfulfilled Promises Series. The story revolves around past life experiences, love, spiritual awakening, and the oppression of women who shine too bright. Witch’s Wound, as a novel, represents the wound women carry from past life traumas into their current life that results in a deep fear of being seen and recognized for their gifts and abilities. This pastlife time travel romance novel currently has a 5-star rating on Amazon and readers are suggesting that Outlander Series fans will thoroughly enjoy Nancy’s work as the book touches upon similar themes and outlines.

Witch’s Wound leads its reader on a path from past lives to the present life experiences and reveals how the connections can affect people in their current lifetime. Reading this story will help resonate with all those who truly understand the main character’s struggle and who have felt they have been missing something in their life that they cannot quite remember losing. The author places readers in the mind of a person struggling to come to grips with who she is and the new connection she forms that somehow feels familiar. The author curated the term Witch’s Wound herself to represent the deep wound women carry around that pertains to their fear of being seen or heard and tends to hold them back from stepping into their calling and their spiritual gifts.

Along with her work on normalizing the topic of past life healing and trauma, Nancy is also a spiritual intuitive, a channel for the divine, and communicates with the angels along with channeling messages from a higher being that goes by the name of Theia. Her spiritual services include Dream Interpretation, Light Language Recording, Energy Work, and Intuitive Tarot Reading but her main focus is as a Spiritual Business Strategist.

As a Spiritual Business Strategist, her greatest passion and mission is to help women step into their power and learn how to monetize their magic so they can do their part in the world to assist in the ascension and betterment of the planet for all living kind. Nancy believes that the work of Wise Women is strongly needed in these days and desires to help women create successful Spiritually Based Businesses to enable them to make a stable living while simply being who they are and dedicate themselves to their spiritual work.

About the Author:

As a young child, Nancy began remembering a man whom she had never met but missed very dearly. She later came to realize this man was someone whom she remembered from a past life and that she had come to this life to heal the wound of his loss and the trauma she had experienced around it. This revelation led her to discover the connection between past life trauma and its effects on our current life experiences and has written and published book one of her series that shines a light on this topic.

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