Online Education Success Review: Email Marketing Delivers Consistent Higher ROI

Given today’s economic climate, running a modern business has never been this difficult. Measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic have limited people from freely engaging in commercial activities. Most businesses have adjusted by moving their operations online but a recovery in the new norm is still slow and arduous.

Most business operations budgets are stretched thin with most allocations going to bare business necessities. That is why businesses today are particularly careful with the type and amount of marketing they get. Businesses know that they still need to market their products and services but they can only go with inexpensive but cost-effective options. For businesses, it is about the certainty of the return of investments.

Online Education Success, a top provider of digital marketing solutions, understands the current predicament of online businesses. That is why it offers its tried-and-tested email marketing services for businesses to take advantage of.

According to Online Education Success, email marketing offers several advantages over other forms of digital marketing. For one, email marketing has the most focused and targeted approach.

Other forms of marketing, such as social media marketing or paid ad spaces, have a “shotgun approach” to their methods. They aim for broader exposure in the hope of reaching their target audience. Email marketing is different because, through email, businesses can directly communicate with their customers.

In this method, individuals receiving marketing emails will not be random. The list of recipients will be people who have either actively chosen to receive email correspondence from a specific business or have elected their profile to receive marketing emails from select industries or business types. Email marketing is also the best in business-to-business marketing as email is still the most preferred communication medium for businesses, organizations, and corporations.

Direct correspondence lowers the cost of marketing. There are no media space rentals or exorbitant advertising fees. Its direct nature is second only to phone calls or private messaging. But unlike call or chat, email is neither invasive nor intrusive. The recipient can choose when to open their messages and engage with senders.

Email marketing has other unique attributes. Email writing is flexible. A sender can customize content to accommodate any amount and style of text or graphics to suit its message. Email is scalable. It can be adjusted to reach a larger audience or a shortlist of target recipients. Email lends itself well to content personalization and market segmentation. Email marketing allows for different messages to reach different groups of people.
Email is also shareable. Long before people have started reposting viral social media content, email users have already been forwarding received messages. And email lends itself well to analytics. This is because it is more measurable than other forms of marketing. This is because email relies less on chance when reaching readers.

At the end of the day, the most important question to consider is whether email works. Does email marketing drive sales? Yes, it does. Email marketing is effective at every stage of the buying process. Emails can boost brand recognition, customer retention, and repeat purchases. Emails can attract more visitors to a website or place of business using call-to-action messaging. And emails can persuade readers into purchasing through the use of strategies like the use of video sales letters.

Since email predates the internet, it is perhaps the oldest form of digital marketing. Today, it remains the biggest marketing distribution channel. It is even bigger than print and social media. Most people now access their email from both their PCs and mobile devices. And the best news of all? Marketing Return Rate is estimated at 4000%. This means for every $1 invested in email marketing, one can expect a return of at least $40.

Of course, getting a high ROI rate requires an effective email strategy and this is what Online Education Success offers. By targeting decision-makers within businesses and companies using a focused and efficient emailing process, Online Education Success’s email marketing service proves very advantageous in recouping investments, promoting business recovery, and long-term stability.

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