Which kind of fence should be used in breeding?

Which kind of wire mesh fence should be used in breeding? It is because there are many kinds of fence nets. Some fence nets are used for protection, and some can be used as fence nets for farms. Now some large farms are common. The problem is that the use of the fence is not reasonable. Because you don’t understand the related usage of the fence and the characteristics of the fence, so the selected fence net does not have the corresponding isolation and protection effect, which brings a lot of trouble to the farm. The farm leader had to send additional patrols and added unnecessary expenses to the farm.

The wire mesh fence factory provides reference for the majority of breeding enterprises: First: For the breeding enterprises, the fence netting is used for specific analysis of specific conditions, and the breeding fence netting can be customized. It is not the isolation fence products you have seen, but the fences used for pig breeding equipment can be customized. The fence net can be made into different shapes and specifications according to different functions.

Some manufacturers did not consider the endurance of the isolation barrier when selecting enough isolation barriers. The barrier wire purchased is small. The column diameter is too small and the wall thickness is not enough (only 0.75mm). The guardrail post can be customized in any size. You can choose different columns according to different purposes. Has reached the role of guardrail. Suggestion: use 60*60*2.5 for the column. Screen frame: 25*30*2. Mesh: 6*75*100. This specification is very suitable for raising pigs, sheep and poultry.

cattle fence(6)

Second, the cow raising is different from the pig raising: the bilateral fence net used for raising dairy cows is different in that the cow raising fence needs to be taller and stronger, so the strength of the post must be increased.

Suggestion: column 120*120*5. Screen frame 50*50*3, the net is made of expanded metal, and the height is 3 meters.

Third, the mesh holes of the chicken fence should be small to prevent drilling out of the mesh holes. Chicken breeding is different from the above breeding, and the strength of the fence is not high. But the mesh must be small. The height of the net must be increased to prevent the flying box from jumping. Recommended, column: 2*48*48*3000. Mesh: 40*50*4. This product is economical and very suitable for chicken farms. Hopefully it will be helpful for everyone to choose a suitable fence.

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