Website Success Tools Review: Comprehensive Monitoring Delivers High Reliability and Uptime

In today’s digital era, having an online presence is vital for businesses. Having a proper website is necessary to make business operations more efficient and reach a wider global audience. However, just merely having a website does not guarantee success. Most business owners only focus on their online marketing and lose sight of the most important thing – website uptime.

Understanding website uptime

Website uptime refers to the amount of time a website is up, operational, and accessible. Website uptime is usually listed in percentage, such as “100% uptime guarantee” and a good indicator on how a hosting company works in maintaining their servers up and running. 

The ideal website uptime is 100%, which means that a website is accessible and available all year round, without any downtime. However, the industry is now considering at least 99.5% uptime as high reliability.

How to compute for website uptime

Website uptime is usually calculated based on the number of hours the web hosting server is available and is calculated as follows:

The total number of hours a website is available is divided by the total number of hours per year multiplied by 100. 

In its simplest form, (Total uptime hours ÷ total time per year) x 100 = Uptime

Take a look at this example. In a year, there are 365 days and 24 hours in a day. 

365 x 24 = 8,760 hours

Given that the total of hours of downtime in the given year is 6 hours, the calculation would be: 

(8,754 ÷ 8,760) x 100 = 99.93% uptime

The above calculation only shows the actual availability of the website and does not include other factors like website function and performance.

The goal in every website is to maintain availability and accessibility and aim for zero downtime. However, downtime happens and it is inevitable. Websites go down due to many possible reasons, including:

  • Sudden spikes in website traffic
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • Date center problems
  • Website code issues
  • Malicious and hacker attacks
  • Power outages
  • Hardware and software issues

While many enterprises may employ webmasters to look after their websites, nothing beats the consistency and thoroughness in monitoring brought about by monitoring companies like Website Success Tools. 

Website Success Tools delivers high reliability and uptime

Website Success Tools is an online platform that offers a wide array of monitoring services for online businesses. A few of their monitoring services include Uptime Monitoring, Page Speed Monitoring, Real-Time User Monitoring (RUM), and Application Performance Monitoring. The platform has built its reputation of delivering monitoring solutions with high reliability and uptime. Website Success Tools has also helped in improving website performance and bringing massive success for online businesses.

Website success Tools works by comprehensively monitoring websites and conducting series of tests to pinpoint possible causes of downtime and at the same time provides a detailed report of uptime performance.

If potential issues are detected, Website Success Tools will send out real-time alerts through SMS and Email to notify the business owners. The notification alerts also include collated data and diagnostic information regarding the issues. The collected information will help business owners and network administrators take the necessary actions and rectify the issues in a timely manner and without causing any trouble for the end-users.

Monitoring services provide many advantages which include the following:

  • Protects business reputation – Website errors, slow load time, and frequent downtimes can compromise business reputation. Website Success Tools monitoring services can help prevent these circumstances from occurring, thus, protecting the overall reputation of the business.
  • Prevent the loss of sales – Downtime is detrimental and at the same time costly for the business. Comprehensively monitoring websites can help in detecting issues that may affect overall performance and allows business owners to troubleshoot the issues before it even leads to potential loss.
  • Improve search engine rankings – Google often penalizes websites that are frequently down. Website Success Tools is here to help as it checks response time and optimizes the website for better performance.  

Apart from website monitoring, Website Success Tools also offers hosting services like WordPress Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Both hosting and monitoring services are custom-tailored to meet the different needs of businesses.

Website uptime is an important element in business that owners cannot just ignore. Employing monitoring companies like Website Success Tools can help in ensuring that websites are optimally functional and deliver the best possible customer experience.

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