Story of Home Decals Turns Houses Into Homes With Quality Wall Decals And Designs

This start-up company offers cost-effective and fun ways to add personality to houses across America.

Moving into a new home is one of the greatest joys one can have. It can be the most exciting and yet, it can also be one of the most challenging when it comes to decorating and designing. One can utilize the services of an interior designer if the budget permits. If not, one can just refer to loads of tips and tricks and samples on the internet.

But no matter how one may want to design and decorate his or her house, nothing beats adding a personal touch to its décor. This is what Story of Home Decals offers to homeowners across the country. Story of Home Decals is an online shop that has the quality and budget-friendly wall decals and designs that can turn any house into a home by reflecting the personality of people living in it.

Story of Home Decals was established by a husband-and-wife team who both left the corporate world to focus on their family and start their own business. The team believes that it is the people who live in the house that make it a home. And to give it a homey feel, it should have a personal touch. “Every home looks its best when the décor reflects a unique style and personality,” shared a company representative. “All our decals are designed to tell your family’s story, and give your home a look that reflects your style.”

Story of Home Decals has wall decals for every part of the house. From the living room, dining and kitchen, bedroom, and kid’s room, to the home office, bathroom, and even the laundry room. They also have something for the backyard and patio. Small vinyl stickers for kitchen appliances and drinkware are also available. Other than wall decals and vinyl stickers, Story of Home Decals also offers wooden signs that will add character to any home.

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Story of Home Decals’ styles ranges from Biblical passages to sentiments and motivational lines, simple labels and creative guides to personalized wooden signs. With an array of options to choose from, there can be hundreds of possible combinations that can make each home unique. Through its products, the company hopes to spark creativity in family members as they add their personal touches to their favorite part of the house. Story of Home Decals also promotes the importance of spending quality time with each other and share their family’s story with their visitors through their home décors and wall decals.

About Story of Home Decals

Story of Home Decals is an online shop that offers quality wall decals, vinyl stickers, and custom-made wooden signs for any home. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, it was founded by a team of husband and wife who both left the corporate world to focus on their family and business.

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