Culture Forward TV is Bring the Power Back to the Culture

In June 2020, Culture Forward TV became a reality when it was introduced on Roku. After being a dream for 3 years it was finally birthed by Life After Life Productions as a means to distribute their own films and become vertically integrated dictators of their own success. But as the desire crystalized, the venture blossomed into a grandeur vision that could help move the Culture Forward, literally.

As planned from the inception, Culture Forward TV is a Distribution platform for independent filmmakers who want their films, documentaries, educational content and music visuals to be shared with an audience that has community interests. It’s simple. We provide movies, TV and education for the culture, and best of all, the channel is free. There are a multitude of streaming platforms that charge monthly subscription fees, but there is absolutely nothing distinguishing them from one another… What makes us special is “we are the people, we represent the people, we know what the people want to see, and we know what the people are experiencing during this global pandemic.” Studies show that the average person has 4 monthly subscriptions to streaming platforms… do the math and find out how much money is being hemorrhaged by the viewers, who just want to chill and be entertained. In the midst of the “streaming channel wars” when other companies are pillaging for revenue and power, we have separated ourselves by creating a black owned platform that is free to the community. You may see a few short ads and promotions while watching Culture Forward TV, but I don’t think you will die.

As of February 2021, Culture Forward TV has now surpassed 15,000 installs on Roku and the app has finally been validated by Amazon Fire TV. This may seem pedestrian upon first glance, but it’s noteworthy to add that the channel is still in beta testing! With over 2500 total watched hours, the average visitor is tuned in to Culture Forward TV for an average of 90 minutes. For insight purposes; the average Netflix viewer session is 50 minutes, while the average YouTube viewer session is 40 minutes… “We are not in competition with anyone, but our visitors are staying for 90 minutes at a time because we focus on the voracious diverse audience that wants to see themselves represented on screen. Bang.”

By the Spring of 2021, the platform will be available to mobile users via Google Play (Google Chromecast) and Apple AppStore (Apple TV). As of now, you can tap in on Roku and Amazon Fire TV where Culture Forward is currently streaming classic films, stand up comedy specials, independent films, mini series’, educational content and music visuals. Amongst our most viewed projects (In no particular order) you will find Best Friends, For Evan’s Sake, Social Distant Living, Three Chen Sisters, Now What?, and the award winning short films: Freeword, #JustBlack, Outgraded, Plucked and Call out Black. These amazing projects have been wildly successful this far and we are eager to see them rise to new levels of popularity once Culture Forward TV is available on mobile devices and we begin our marketing campaigns.

While Culture Forward TV has been warmly received by the community, we are not accepting submissions for new content at this time. Do not be discouraged though… The submission gates will open this summer after the Alpha Launch (all listed platforms + marketing). Please visit our website and join our email list for updates on the submission gates. If you follow us on social media (@cultureforward_tv), you will also see ads and sponsored posts when the time is near. Lastly, but also additionally, Culture Forward TV will be streaming step-shows, educational curricula, debates and sports from select HBCU’s in the Fall of 2021. By this time the platform will also be available on PlayStation console.

With so much going in 2020 and 2021 we remain committed to amplifying black voices and bringing independence back to the culture. Stay locked in to find out about our upcoming pay per stream version for our original content, our kids channel and our virtual magazine that will be released in 2022! Remember to stay home as much as possible and wear 2 masks to prevent the spread of Covid. #Weallweneed

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