Homescape Pets Launches New Higher Potency Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract CBD For Dogs and Cats: Assists with Mobility, Relaxation and Inflammation

Homescape Pets Launches New Higher Potency Full Spectrum Organic Hemp Extract CBD For Dogs and Cats: Assists with Mobility, Relaxation and Inflammation
Very popular endocannabinoid product now with new, higher potency still soothes, calms, and stimulates overall wellness while accommodating larger pets and those with greater need

Homescape Pets, an Austin, Texas-based company that recently relocated from Colorado Springs, CO is pleased to announce an upgrade in the potency of their most popular pet product. Companion’s Best Day 300 launched in July of 2019 and has been a top performer in the Homescape Pets lineup. Moving forward, Companion’s Best Day 750 will more effectively serve a broader range of pet health needs for joint discomfort, restfulness, and overall wellness for both cats and dogs. The formula has not changed, still providing the organically grown full-spectrum hemp extract in a refined hemp seed oil. It has proven to be safe, affordable, and effective for cats and dogs of all life stages. The higher potency will still be an excellent choice for small and average-sized pets, and now will be more inclusive for larger breeds and pets with more significant wellness needs.

Research indicates that hemp extract with naturally occurring cannabinoid (CBD) compounds may be helpful in treating or relieving symptoms of inflammation or other conditions in humans and animals alike. In February 2016, the Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association (AHVMA) published a report from the Colorado State University of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences. In that study, 64.3% of dog owners reported that the positive impact from hemp products was highest for relief of pain. Also, 50% of dog owners reported that hemp products helped their pets with sleep and relief from anxiety. 

The husband and wife team of Marcus and Nana Pfeifer created Homescape Pets in 2017 after losing their beloved dog to cancer the year before. The loss inspired them to learn all they could about pet health and to share with other pet parents. “Losing Beau prompted us to know better and do better.  All pets leave us too soon, but their improved quality of life through natural botanicals, healthy treats, and especially CBD, make the journey better for all of us. We have clients with larger pets and ones with greater health concerns that will now benefit more from the new Companion’s Best Day 750,” explains Co-Founder Nana Pfeifer.

CBD product use for pets has had extraordinary growth in the last few years. While there was nothing typical about 2020, veterinary care, pet products, and especially the use of CBD for pets had several spikes, and sustained higher overall growth than projected. It will still be a while before the final numbers are revealed, but there is no mistaking the reasons for the growth. Due to quarantines, stay-at-home orders, and businesses shifting to working from home, there are many pet owners spending more time bonding and observing their pets more closely. Noticing age-related ailments sooner and new behaviors like separation anxiety have prompted many to take advantage of CBD available through e-commerce with a high rate of success.

Nana Pfeifer adds further that “There has been more interest than ever in our line of products due to the pandemic. The positives are that pet parents are more connected to their pets and that Homescape Pets has some answers for the needs they’ve discovered. We really think that Companion’s Best Day 750 will make for many happier households.”

Homescape Pets’ products are made with simple, clean, and organic formulations that are gentle and easy to administer.

Homescape Pets Product Line-Up: 

Organically Grown Full Spectrum Hemp Extract 750mg + Organic Refined Hempseed Oil 1oz bottle with a graduated dropper 
GENERAL PURPOSE: Overall wellness through the support of the endocannabinoid system and addresses anti-anxiety, anti-seizure, restfulness, immune system, joint issues, and more.  

COMPANION’S BEST DAY 300 will be discontinued once supplies run out.

Freeze-dried New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels (GLM) + Organic Turmeric and the star of the show, Organically grown, water extracted raw, 250mg CBDA 4oz pouch
GENERAL PURPOSE: Joint support with a boost for discomfort and calm

Organic Hempseed Oil + Organic Turmeric 1oz bottle with dropper 
GENERAL PURPOSE: Overall Wellness Support 

Freeze Dried New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels (GLM) + Organic Turmeric 4oz pouch 

Organic Hempseed Oil + Organic Chamomile Flower + Organic Valerian Root 2oz bottle with dropper 
GENERAL PURPOSE: Rest & Relaxation Support

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A rotating selection of single-ingredient, various proteins that are slow-dried to preserve the healthy nutrients, good for cats and dogs

About Homescape Pets

The husband and wife team of Marcus and Nana Pfeifer, inspired by the loss of their pup to cancer, created Homescape Pets in 2017. Their mission is to create simple, limited ingredient, natural pet supplements, and single-ingredient chews for the common ailments of adult/senior dogs and cats. Homescape Pets products are made with natural botanicals, organic herbs, Hemp, and CBD-based ingredients. Their chews and treats are made from grass-fed and pasture-raised meats,  sourced from small farms and ranches in the U.S. The company’s very own four-legged friends, Quinn and Minnie, taste-test and use all of the products. At Homescape Pets, we strive to offer clean, pure products, free of additives or preservatives.

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