Ascend Viral is the Future of Instagram Marketing

A high performing Instagram presence is a must for businesses and influencers who want to improve their social presence. Ascend Viral delivers organic and effective Instagram growth without using risky bots or automation.

February 25, 2021 – It’s no secret that trying to build an Instagram profile through cheap bots and other software is not a wise solution at all. In most cases, these methods are quite transparent and hardly help to establish authority or influence. The good news is there is a solution to the challenge of accelerating Instagram growth in a safe, organic, and reliable way. Enter Ascend Viral. Ascend Viral offers a way to build 100% organic and natural followers under the guidance of a skilled Instagram Personal Growth Manager, that’s a real person – not automation or a bot.

All signs point to this being the future of successful Instagram marketing in 2021 and beyond. All at an attractive price. Ascend Viral is happy to offer their solutions to all kinds of Instagram accounts: personal, brand accounts, influencers, fitness accounts, even pet Instagrams. Having a Personal Growth Manager onboard will skyrocket all of their success towards reaching their goals.

“We provide our clients with a personal Instagram growth assistant that is highly skilled in authentic engagement techniques,” commented a spokesperson from Ascend Viral. “These techniques provide sustainable, long term growth. This isn’t the trap of fake followers and automation that our competitors provide. A lot of our competitors cause more harm in the long-run than results. Our personal growth assistants provide real, lasting results that help our clients succeed month in, month out.”

In addition to being a simply superior Instagram growth solution, the firm also points out how using their service is safe and not in any way a violation of the social media giant’s rules. Using automated services, on the other hand, is a violation. And IG takes these rules very seriously. Ascend Viral points towards how common it is for the platform to suspend, shadowban, and outright shut down accounts that use bots and fake followers to pretend they are more popular than they are. Instagram hates when its platform is abused by automation.

Buying fake followers also wrecks an Instagram profile’s engagement rate, a key factor that is looked at by those who want to see if an Instagram profile is honest or not.

Ascend Viral is completely manual and uses the skills of its growth managers to organically help an account become more popular. Followers who will like, comment, and share, further building a profile’s reach. They will spend the time to research the accounts niche, hashtags, best times to post and much more. Each client has their own personal growth manager so that they can be sure that their needs are understood and being worked hard on by someone who cares.

Reviews for Ascend Viral continue to be completely positive.

Chris S., from California. Recently said in a five-star review, “I have an IG connected to my personal training business and was having some issues in getting my profile to grow. A friend suggested I bring on Ascend Viral. I did and things have completely turned around. I recommend them 100%.”

Check out a video from Ethan, the founder of Ascend Viral, here.

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